A gift from Hakkı Alkan to the whole office! #2

SDN Founder Hakkı Alkan distributed the keyboard, mouse and many products offered by Lenovo under the Lecoo brand to our office colleagues. Who chose which product? Our fun in-office video is with you.

A gift from Hakkı Alkan to the whole office! #2


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Lecoo emerged as Lenovo’s store concept in 2018, after which it became an ecosystem brand in line with the idea of ​​developing Lenovo ecosystem products. Production is carried out in many different product groups, especially computer equipment.

Among the product groups, there are products such as keyboard, mouse, keyboard & mouse set, headphones, speakers, presentation remotes, massage tools and backpacks.

In addition, there are many different products from monitors to cable types, from adapters and hubs to air conditioning/ventilation systems, from smart lock systems to robot vacuums, from tablets to all in one (AIO) computers, from water purifiers to night snoring devices.

Lecoo also continues to innovate and change smart retail and consumer products with a comprehensive array of cultural creativity, smart home, smart health, smart video and audio, and hundreds of other segments.

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