A Famous Name with a Wealth of 19.8 Billion Dollars Purchased Bitcoin (BTC)! Here are the Details…

Speaking to CNBC, according to The Block Pro’s post Steve Cohen, who has a fortune of $19.8 billion, said he bought some BTC because his son was interested in Bitcoin.

Hedge fund king Steve Cohen announced that he bought a small amount of Bitcoin on the advice of his son.

Steve Cohen, who ranks 37th in the 2023 Forbes Top100 American Rich List with a fortune of $19.8 billion, continues his work in the field of cryptocurrency.

It was stated that Point72, the hedge fund company with $26.1 billion in assets under the management of the famous billionaire, has not yet entered the cryptocurrency industry, but the company is recruiting intensively to improve itself in the cryptocurrency industry.

*This is not investment advice.

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