90-Year-Old Serial Killer: Baba Anujka

You wouldn’t even want to think about what crimes this old woman, whose old age you would respect if you saw her outside, committed. Even though she was 90 years old, she was tried for killing 150 people. Moreover, all of these people are men!

This woman, who chooses her victims entirely from men, has a rather shady past. Baba Anujka You can only understand the man’s hatred of this woman, known as., when you learn the details. What’s even stranger is that he spent more than half of his life as a “healer”.

Millions of hearts, one question: “How did someone who healed people turn into a serial killer?

Although the exact date of birth of this woman, whose real name is Ana di Pištonja, is not known, according to sources, she was born in Romania in 1838.

Coming from a wealthy family, Anujka was also an amateur chemist. Vladimirovac region in Serbia He had the opportunity to settle down and receive education here. Many things were going well in his life. Until she met the Australian officer with whom she fell in love when she was only 20 years old.

This officer infected Anujka with syphilis, which can cause serious damage to nerves and internal organs and lead to death, at a young age, betrayed her and abandoned her. Apparently, Anujka’s hatred for the officer who broke her heart has not subsided. Him-her-it “Father Anujka” In a way, this betrayal caused him to become a serial killer.

Don’t look at the old woman looking like this. When looking at the information about him, it is said that he knows 5 languages ​​that he learned by himself.

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After his betrayal, he got married. And from her husband, a landowner named Pistov. She gave birth to 11 children, but none of them survived.. Her husband died in the 20th year of their marriage because he was older than her; She was widowed again at an early age.

After this marriage, Anujka devoted herself only to experiments. He turned a corner of his house into a laboratory and set out to perform various experiments with plants. Now everyone around him calls him “healer”. He has developed himself well; No one could have imagined that this woman, who came from a wealthy family, would use science for such evil. However, both his illness and his experiences have turned him into someone who makes ‘healing potions’.

As he got older, he started to just “help” people;

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The old woman, who made a living by selling the medicines she prepared from plants, was loved by her surroundings. The first step of this woman, who is advancing step by step towards becoming a murderer, is The aim was to prepare medicine for men who did not want to join the military.

Men who do not want to join the military will not kill but will not be able to join the military. They started to supply medicines from him that made him sick. These drugs, which became famous in a short time, turned out to be effective, and they started asking Anujka for different drugs.

Anujka, who also started “love potions”, began to prepare poisons to eliminate men who mistreated their wives;

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Women in unhappy marriages with husbands who treated their wives badly were giving their wives the love potion prepared by Anujka and expecting them to die after 8 days. This potion was made with plant toxins and arsenic that are difficult to detect. Old woman adjusting the dose according to the body mass of the man she will killHe was taking into account even the smallest detail.

However, after a while, he was caught because of his regular customer, Stana Momirov. Momirov first killed her husband by taking these ‘love potions’. behind it too During his second marriage, he bought a ‘potion’ for his wife’s uncle and father and killed them, too.. This situation, which became quite remarkable after a while, was noticed by people.

Suspicious of the consecutive deaths, the authorities arrested Anujka for questioning.

Anujka, who was arrested for the deaths of only two people officially recorded, In the background, he was actually found responsible for the deaths of at least 50 and at most 150 people.. The other defendants arrested said that what actually killed them was not the potions they prepared; They claimed that he had supernatural powers.

Anujka, who was sentenced to 15 years after these events, but remained in prison for only 8 years due to her old age, was sentenced to Died alone in his home at the age of 100. If it were Müge Anlı, the secrets of 150 murders would be revealed one by one, but thank God for that!


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