6 and 12 TB iCloud+ Subscriptions Available

Apple introduced the new iCloud+ packages announced at the iPhone 15 launch. Users can now choose 6 or 12 TB packages. The prices of these new packages are quite high.

A remarkable move came from the technology giant Apple, which is counting the days for iPhone 15 sales. At his event called “Wonderlust” for iCloud service Announcing that it has created two new subscription packages, the company has now offered those packages to users. Apple customers who need larger storage space are currently 6TB and 12TB They can purchase capacity packages.

Apple’s cloud storage service iCloud has been available for free up to 5 GB for years. Users who needed more could purchase 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB subscriptions. Now two more have been added to these. 6 TB and 12 TB storage options, mostly in 4K resolution It will please iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro owners who shoot videos. Of course, let’s say that this will have a solid price.

How much are the iCloud+ package prices, which offer larger storage space?

Version Price
6TB 899.99 TL
12TB 1.799,99 TL


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iCloud+ is an indispensable boon for many iPhone owners. Because thanks to this service, you can access any kind of data you can think of, from photos to notes. you can backup. Additionally, thanks to the “Hide My E-mail” feature, you can create random e-mail addresses and use this e-mail address in different media. “HomeKit Secure VideoAnother feature called ” provides end-to-end encryption for the security cameras we use at home and the opportunity to access them via iCloud.

For other iCloud+ subscription prices:


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