$42 Million Cryptocurrency Stolen From Famous Chinese Investor’s Private Wallet: FBI Takes Action

$42 million worth of assets were stolen from the private wallet of FENBUSHI Capital founder and famous Chinese crypto investor Bo Shen.

The end of billionaire Bo Shen “894” The crypto wallet ending with a was attacked by hackers. According to the first statements, the total in the wallet $42 million It was stated that the asset was found and all of them were affected by the attack. After the incident, Shen’s lawyers and FBI took action.

Bo Shen Twitter In a post he shared on his website, he gave detailed information about the assets in the hacked wallet. In addition, the stolen assets are personal funds and FENBUSHI Capital He stated that he had no affiliation with

According to on-chain data and Shen’s statements, stolen assets $38 million USD Coin (USDC) was recorded as. The rest of the assetsTether (USDT), Uniswap (UNI), Reputation (REP) and Liquidity (LQTY) created.

The security firm Slowmist, which investigated the incident, said that Shen Trust Wallet He said that the attack was not caused by a technical security issue with the wallet, but by the hijacking of the personal reminder code. According to the latest data, the attackers transferred all the assets in the wallet to an Ethereum (ETH) address under their control. Next aave and Uniswap assets through decentralized platforms such asto clean” they began.

Although this cleaning process continues, the information of the assets can be easily detected in the blockchain when the on-chain data is examined. $38 million USDC, another stablecoin to DAI transformed”0x66F62574ab04989737228D18C3624f7FC1edAe14” continues to be kept in his wallet.

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