30% Jump: Why This Altcoin Takes Off

Audius (AUDIO) gained more than 30 percent during the day and managed to increase its price from $0.26 to $0.34. With this rise, altcoin was among the exploding cryptocurrencies in the market. Moreover, AUDIO is up over 93% compared to last week, proving that the market is resilient to the notable bearish trend recorded earlier this week.

Jumps 2384%: Transaction Volume Soars on This Altcoin! What’s going on?

Audius offers a unique service as a music streaming protocol. Inspired by the inefficiencies in the traditional music streaming industry, Audius is a platform that appropriately rewards music and artists for their creativity. We can also say that it makes things easier by allowing artists to share their music directly with their fans.

The three main reasons behind the rise of the AUDIO token today can be listed as follows: musician Jeronimo Cantillo’s supportEnhanced user experience created, including sharing on the Snapchat feature, and enhanced community interaction with leading artists hosted on the platform.

With these developments, users seem to be relying on Audius to deliver initiatives that give the best value for their money and time spent on the platform.

Besides, the crypto winter has hit AUDIO: the altcoin is down over 93% from its $4.99 ATH. However, it seems that the community behind the altcoin remains optimistic that the first mover advantage will help its future price stability and growth.

You can follow the current price action here.

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