$162 million spent on The Callisto Protocol is about to turn into disappointment!

The activity in the gaming industry continues at full speed. With the developing technology day by day, productions that seem to have come out of the movie sets began to appear. Introduced to gamers on December 1, 2022 The Callisto ProtocolWe can give an example of these. The game, which promises a high-level gaming experience with its graphics, gameplay and story, could not meet the expectations in sales figures according to the latest information. Here are the details!

The Callisto Protocol sold 3 million below expectations

The Callisto Protocol, developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by KRAFTON, failed to meet its sales target. According to MK-Odyssey, for the development of the game $162 million levels of expenditure. Moreover AAAwell high with production Since it is a production, naturally high sales targets were set: 5 million.

Despite its high budget, the game failed to live up to expectations – at least on the developer and publisher side – and fell 3 million short of its targeted 5 million sales target. As it is known, at this point, despite its strong brand value, it is noted that Resident Evil Village sold 6 million copies in its first six months. In other words, the target sector set for The Callisto Protocol seems somewhat unrealistic.

The best selling game of 2022 has been announced!

The best selling game of 2022 has been announced!

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The Callisto Protocol received a wide range of ratings, including 9/10 from PCGamesN, 7/10 from IGN, and 5/10 from Gamespot. Same time Steam When we look at the reviews, it is possible to say that it is mixed in general.

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