150 Million Tokens Plan Of This Altcoin Has Been Postponed To The End Of The Year

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange dYdX has postponed the unlocking process for investor tokens from February 3 to December 1.

dYdX stock market at the beginning of next month to investors, community members and the project to the treasury by sharing 150 million tokens worth $282 million expected to unlock.

This move would double the supply of dYdX and new tokens would continue to be unlocked in the coming months.

The dYdX team will handle the unlocking process. postponed to the end of the year, the total number of tokens to be unlocked Reduced 83 million units it happened.

Total allocated to investors 277 million units 83 million tokens, corresponding to 30% of the token, will be unlocked on December 1.

After this transaction, the remaining amount of tokens 40% monthly for the following six months; 20% the next year, 10% the next year will circulate.

The dYdX token has been showing a notable rise over the past few days. from $1.29 dYdX currently traded, according to CoinGecko data from $1.99 is being traded.

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