150 Million Coins Were Distributed, Price Decreased With Selling Pressure

Some of the tokens unlocked by the dYdX Foundation started to be sent to cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

By blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain shared DYDX field from dYdX Foundation according to data three whalestotal to Binance 6.81 million DYDX sent.

One of these 5.63 million DYDX sent and still 9.78 million to DYDX owner. The other one sent 793,286 DYDX and still has it in his wallet 1.85 million DYDX holding. The third whale holding 2.39 million DYDX in its wallet is 391,036 DYDX transferred.

dYdX Foundation, 83.19 million today at 03:00 Türkiye time. reserved for investors the one which… 150 million of DYDX unlocked.

Investors who received a large amount of tokens from dYdX Foundation include a16z crypto, Defiance Capital, Polychain Capital and a few other names.

Despite the selling pressure on DYDX, some investors prefer to lock the tokens they purchased. According to Lookonchain’s post, a16z transferred 42.69 million DYDX to the bridge through several different addresses.

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