ZTE Nubia and Redmagic Phones Coming to Turkey

ZTE has officially announced that Nubia and Redmagic brands, which produce the most popular smartphones, will come to Turkey. The company undertaking the distribution was also announced.

Continuing its rise in the worldwide smartphone industry, ZTE shared an exciting statement for Turkey today. In its statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the company covers its most popular phones. The future of Nubia and Redmagic brands in Turkey explained.

Nubia, which was established within ZTE in 2012, has turned into an independent brand with ZTE’s decrease of its shares to 49.9%, but still launches its phones in association with ZTE. Founded within Nubia in 2018, Redmagic is today’s most popular gamer phones is putting it on the market.

Statement submitted by ZTE to KAP:

“Our company and ZTE, one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, signed an exclusive sales and distribution protocol for the distribution of “ZTE Nubia and Redmagic” brand mobile phones and accessories throughout Turkey. Serving global telecom operators, public and private customers and consumers in more than 160 countries and regions, ZTE provides the most innovative and creative technology, products and solutions to 4 of the world’s population with its more than 33,000 employees and its strategy of allocating 16.4% of its income to R&D investments. It delivers more than 1 in . Our company will accelerate its efforts to introduce “Nubia” branded mobile phones, 3D Tablets, Smart Watches and ‘Redmagic’ branded game phones to the Turkish market.

This agreement is expected to have a significant impact on our Company’s turnover.

We present it to the information of the shareholders and the public.”

What do ZTE’s Nubia and Redmagic phones offer?

zte nubia

ZTE’s Nubia brand covers not only the company’s smartphones, but also tablets and smartwatches. Smartphones under this brand are generally mid-upper and upper segment is located.

Redmagic phones, on the other hand, include phones with the highest hardware, completely focused on mobile gaming. In these phones, it is not found in standard phones and is independent of the processor, which only benefits the gaming experience. chips, cooling systems and designs is offered.

The most important factor that brings both brands of ZTE to the fore is that the phones are compared to their competitors with the same hardware or even slightly less equipped. more affordable to have. We will see the situation in Turkey clearly when the devices are put on sale.

ZTE Nubia and Redmagic phones will be brought to Turkey via Arena Computer:

ZTE’s two popular brands via Arena Computer will come to our country. ZTE and Arena Computer signed the exclusive sales and distribution protocol for the distribution of phones and accessories throughout Turkey.


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