Zoff moment: Karin Prien doesn’t want to say anything more to Hans-Georg Maaßen – domestic politics

Karin Prien (56, CDU) is part of Laschet’s future team. Nevertheless, she called for the SPD to be elected in a very specific constituency.

Prien said on Tuesday evening in the ZDF program “Markus Lanz” when asked whether she would vote for the Thuringian CDU candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen if she lived in his constituency:

“Let me put it this way: I am always fascinated by competitive athletes.”

At BILD Live, BILD’s new TV channel, Prien blocked the topic completely. Only after repeated inquiries, BILD LIVE presenter Thomas Kausch managed to get a few sentences from the politician about Maaßen-Zoff.

“I’m sitting here as a member of the future team and I’m still in the future team and my back is straight. I don’t think we need to go any further about Mr Maassen because I’ve really said everything about that, ”said Prien at BILD’s TV station.

When asked how she thinks that Maaßen was set up by the CDU in southern Thuringia, Prien said to “Markus Lanz”: “I have to accept that, even if of course I’m not at all enthusiastic about it and wonder what Mr. Maaßen actually looking in the CDU. “

Maaßen then called on Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (60) to throw Prien out of the competence team. But he clearly stood behind the Schleswig-Holstein Minister of Education. “Karin Prien stays in the team,” said Laschet in Berlin.

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BILD presenter Kausch probed in the BILD live broadcast at Prien: “That means that for you the principle is definitely above the question of power?”

Thereupon Prien: “There are certain questions of conscience that you should also stand on as a politician – even before an election, yes.” And further: “I have now said everything to Mr. Maßen and you will not hear more from me today . “

Maaßen had accused his CDU colleague after her statement to Lanz of harming the party in the election campaign. “I am convinced that Ms. Prien is doing us massive damage with this ill-considered statement. It harms me, it harms many other CDU election campaigners who are fighting for a direct mandate, and it harms the CDU’s electoral success. “

Prien on BILD Live: “Mr. Maaßen is running in one of 299 constituencies. The people in all constituencies have the opportunity to vote for the CDU with a second vote and thus to answer the majority in the German Bundestag and also the question of who will be Chancellor. “