YouTube Turkey Impact Report published: Here are the numbers!

Growing rapidly in our country as well as all over the world YouTube stunning reports is publishing. One of these Oxford Economics prepared by YouTube Turkey Impact Report it happened. YouTube, which organized a special event for the technology press and popular content producers, shared remarkable figures.

Before moving on to the report, a nationwide survey conducted in the last quarter of 2022 with 2,000 YouTubers, over 1,000 creators, and 500 businesses. prepared with a survey We would like to point out.

45 million people in Turkey use YouTube regularly and spend an average of 45 minutes a day on the platform.

93 percent of users in Turkey use YouTube for knowledge and experience

According to YouTube Turkey Impact Report;

  • Content creators 72 percentsays YouTube is creating a platform for underrepresented voices.
  • female creators 82 percentstates that YouTube helps them share their passions and ideas.
  • Creative entrepreneurs 73 percentsays they’ve found a place on YouTube where they feel like they belong and define themselves.
  • Content creators 65 percentsays they want to create a positive social impact by using the power of direction they discovered on YouTube.

YouTube helps businesses connect with more customers, increase their reach and generate revenue at home and abroad.

  • Businesses with a channel on YouTube 65 percentsays YouTube plays an important role in growing their customer base. SMEs using YouTube 71 percentstates that YouTube is vital to growing their businesses.
  • SMEs using YouTube 81 percent, He says that their use of YouTube during the Covid-19 pandemic helped their organizations adapt to the process, and states that YouTube helped keep their businesses afloat during this time.
  • SMEs that advertise on YouTube 83 percentsays YouTube ads help them increase their sales.
  • SMEs using YouTube 79 percentconsiders YouTube to be a cost-effective option for training its employees.

YouTube is getting ready to become a TV channel!  TV series and movies will be released

YouTube is getting ready to become a TV channel! TV series and movies will be released

Video streaming giant YouTube becomes a TV channel; He started to meet with media companies to broadcast movies and series within his body!

YouTube promotes culture export

  • Creative entrepreneurs 68 percentagree that YouTube helps them get their content across to international audiences they might not otherwise be able to reach.
  • Creative entrepreneurs 84 percentconsiders YouTube to be an important platform for global recognition.
  • Media and music companies with a YouTube channel 82 percentstates that YouTube helps them reach new audiences around the world.
  • Media and music companies with YouTube channels 78 percentagrees that YouTube is critical to new artists and/or breaking new ground in music.
  • Media and music companies with a YouTube channel 60 percentthinks that YouTube is increasing the entry of new creative talent into the industry.

Other figures shared about Turkey are as follows;

  • Parents who use YouTube 83 percentacknowledges that YouTube (or YouTube Kids for kids under 13) helps their kids learn.
  • Teachers using YouTube 80 percentagree that YouTube helps students learn.
  • users in Turkey. 93 percent He states that he uses YouTube to gain knowledge and experience.
  • of users 85 percentstates that YouTube is helping during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing access to reliable information in times of need.
  • of users 71 percent, He says YouTube provides equal opportunities for everyone to learn and improve.

Pedro Pina, Vice President of YouTube Europe, Middle East and Africa Regarding the report, he said: “YouTube is the only open platform that makes creative entrepreneurs’ voices heard to the world and shares the revenue from their content directly with them.

The report we published today shows that YouTube content producers from all over Turkey have achieved just that. They share Turkish culture with 2 billion viewers around the world through the businesses they have established all over the country. We are also very excited about the new developments awaiting Turkey’s successful content producer community.

Starting in February, YouTube will offer even more ways for content producers in Turkey to monetize their creativity on YouTube Shorts. Content producers and thousands of users from all over Turkey are already enriching the lives of viewers from around the world. But I think this is just the beginning for them.”

Pelin Kuzey, Director of Public Relations at Google Turkey at the press conference He made the following statements about the impact analysis report:

“YouTube, visited by millions of users every day, makes many contributions to Turkey’s economy and socio-cultural life. Here, YouTube’s contribution is not limited to content producers. In addition to the employees of content producers, businesses and freelancers that are in the supply chain and receive a significant part of their income from content producers are also included in this ecosystem, we are talking about a very wide sphere of influence.

The classifications made in the report show that YouTube directly and indirectly creates a global ecosystem, contributing more than 2 billion TL in total to the Turkish economy in 2021 and supporting employment equivalent to more than 45,000 full-time jobs. Among the outputs of the report, one of the data that excites me the most is about female content producers.

82% of female creators say YouTube helps them share their passions and ideas. 8 out of 10 women gave this information. It is a output that highlights the importance of YouTube in our lives in terms of women’s voice being heard and their ability to express themselves freely.

Another important output is how often users knock on Google’s door to gain knowledge and experience. 93 percent of users in Turkey report that they use YouTube to gain knowledge and experience. I’m sure it’s a significant impact we’ve all experienced in our lives.”

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