Xiaomi Announces Smart Glasses That Feel Like Iron Man

Xiaomi has announced its smart glasses, which are still in the concept stage. Developed according to the statements made by Xiaomi, the glasses offer the best viewing experience ever. It is not yet known when smart glasses with impressive features will be released.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will hold an event on September 15 (tomorrow). The company will introduce its brand new products as part of this event. However, the company, which could not wait for the launch, announced that it had entered a new sector in the past hours. Xiaomihas officially announced its smart glasses, which are still in the concept stage. The fact that the glasses are in the concept stage, the release date and price to keep secret it causes.

Xiaomi’s smart glasses look like sunglasses with their overall design. MicroLED Glasses, in which technology is used and this technology is combined with optical wave imaging technology, Xiaomi Founder Lei JunIt will be able to deliver the best experience ever, according to . So how do Xiaomi’s smart glasses, which are in the concept stage, look like?

Introducing Xiaomi’s smart glasses

Xiaomi’s smart glasses are not only 51 grams has a weight value. The glasses, which display notifications on its screen, enable searching, take photos and translate text in real time, can work in integration with the assistant called XiaoAI. This may make you think that you will have trouble seeing the front of your eyes from notifications and other things. However, there is no such thing. XiaoAI You will be able to view only the notifications that are important.


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Xiaomi’s concept tech comes with a pair of microphones and speakers. In this way make a call and no smartphone is needed to answer the incoming call. On the other hand; on the glasses 5MP camera You can take photo shoots with. The glasses, which also have features such as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, have a quad-core ARM processor It doesn’t seem to have any problems with performance.

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