World’s Most Expensive Game On Sale: The Hidden and Unknown

“The Hidden and Unknown” became the most expensive game on Steam with a Turkey price of 17 thousand TL. Moreover, the overseas price of the game is at least as eye-opening as the price in Turkey. So, why does the game have such a price?

While we were complaining about the increasing game prices in our country recently, a game appeared on Steam that shocked not only Turkey but the whole world. “The Hidden and UnknownThe game ” is in Turkey 17 thousand TL; if abroad from 2 thousand dollars offered for sale.

Moreover, the game never meets the expectations that come with its price. As we hope, there are no graphics or gameplay mechanics that start a new era in the game world. So, what makes this game special and so highly priced? The thing is actually in the developer’s opinion lies:

The price represents the developer’s valuation for the story it tells:

Speaking to TheGamer, the developer named ‘ThePro’ explained why the game has such a price as follows:

“The reason for the price tag is that I don’t want to sell my own life for a few cents. To me, the story is more than a pure ‘game’.”

So, what is the story of this game?

The Hidden and Unknown is actually an autobiography of the developer. But the play isn’t exactly an autobiography. The developer presents both his own background and philosophical thoughts in a visual style. with a story directed by you it’s called transferring.

Of course, it is debatable how successful this experiment was, because there is no special art design in the game. Only texts and 3D rendered environments is showing.

The game can be refunded when finished:

17 thousand TL game

The Hidden and Unknown actually wanting to draw attention It is designed as a production. Because the game has a price that probably none of us would want to pay, but this price is actually partly an illusion.

The story of the game does not exceed 2 hours. This is the players who gave 17 thousand TL, after finishing the game return the game without any conditions It means he can get his money back. While the developer actually sets a remarkable price, “I don’t want to put anyone in financial trouble.” says.

A small note: The game has already been cracked by game-savvy hackers. In other words, you can play the game with crack without purchasing it from Steam. Of course, you have to take responsibility for the risks of playing pirated games.


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You can click here to visit The Hidden and Unknown’s Steam page.

The Hidden and Unknown system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: 1.8GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Display card: The processor’s internal graphics card is sufficient.
  • Storage: 505MB

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