With Android 14, the APK installation process gets harder!

Google, Android 13 Although it has been opened for use for a short time, it is already Android 14 has started work on it. Especially security The company, which plans to take important steps on the issue, plans to include some application restrictions in the new version of Android.

Android 14 will not allow old app installs

According to the information received Android 14 With this, users will be prevented from installing old applications. Google is currently Play StoreMinimum for applications in API level It provides the requirements and thus blocks outdated applications. Despite all these precautions, users APKcan load them on their devices.

Google On the other hand, it plans to prevent this situation with Android 14. Accordingly, stricter API requirements will be implemented in the new Android version. After the new rules, users can use applications that do not meet the API level. APK files won’t be able to load either. Also third party app stores Applications that do not comply with the instructions will be blocked from installing.

Android users in danger: Your phones can be hijacked!

Android users in danger: Your phones can be hijacked!

Cybersecurity experts are warning users of a new Android malware called Hook.

It will primarily block apps targeting older versions of Android 14. Besides, Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow It wants to raise the threshold and gradually increase this level. The company thus specifically targets older versions. of malware He plans to get ahead.

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Users, legacy apps will still have the option to install it on their device via a new command, but this install APK It won’t be as simple. By complicating the process, Google wants to reduce the chances of users accidentally installing a malware-laden app on their device.

We plan to learn more about this when Google shares the first developer progress of Android 14. So, you Android 14 and APK install What do you think about possible future measures? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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