Wikipedia’s Design Has Been Changed! Here’s What’s New…

For the first time in 11 years, Wikipedia has made major design changes. The new design of the online encyclopedia now allows for much easier use.

One of the world’s most popular sources of information. Wikipedia It was a revolutionary development. The developer team, which has been working on a new design for a while to make the online encyclopedia more usable, is currently working on Wikipedia. a new interface published. The interface, which has been changed for the first time in 11 years, now focuses more on visuality.

As a matter of fact, Wikipedia’s design was not recreated. However, the studies carried out much easier to use made it one. Now, when entering an article, a much simpler “Contents” section will welcome the user. Moreover change language The process is much easier now. Let’s take a look at the new design details on Wikipedia together.

You will see thumbnails of the term you searched for

One of the biggest design innovations on Wikipedia is at the top of the page. search tab about. After that, searching for a term will show suggested titles as of the moment the first letter was pressed. Moreover, on the left side of these headings thumbnails will take place.

The “Contents” section will follow you

Users can see a very plain text on the left side of Wikipedia. Contents will see the section. Moreover, this section will follow the user. In this way, you can use the mouse to switch from one title to another. no need to scroll won’t happen. This will make Wikipedia easier to use.

Wikipedia, same article in different languages It has a structure to offer. Users could see different language versions of the same article in the past. Now there has been a slight change in this. Users of the article title right next to will be able to see the language options. In this way, changing languages ​​will be easier than ever…


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