Widget Development Kit Released for Windows 11

The development kit, which will allow 3rd party developers to develop their own widgets, was released today. The kit, which is still in its early stages, allows developers to just try out the widgets.

Microsoft, which started to give more importance to widgets with Windows 11, wanted to create an area where users could apply for almost any work, instead of the simple widgets that we are used to with Windows 7. If you remember, 3rd party widgets have been released by Microsoft in the past months. It was announced that it will be officially supported.

Today, the software development kit and source codes have been published, which can be used by developers and anyone who wants to.

Anyone can make a widget

Published on Microsoft’s official site The software development kit is available to anyone who wants it. With this kit, developers will be able to develop the widgets they want and even develop tools that will enable users to make widgets more easily. In this way, Windows authorities will allow users to choose the widgets they need.

Although the widget development kit has been released, unfortunately, currently developed widgets can only be tested on the developer’s computer. However, in future updates, it has been announced that these widgets can be published through the Microsoft Store and all Windows 11 users can access these tools. Also, currently onlywin32” applications, that is, you can prepare the widgets of the applications that are included in the Windows operating system. However, according to the information on Microsoft’s site, Windows Store applications first in the coming months. 32-bit and 64-bit applications will begin to be supported by the developer kit.


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Some developers reviewing the developer kit state that the kit is simple but effective. Who knows maybe soon We start seeing widgets for apps like Steam and Spotify.

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