Why Is There a ‘Loading’ Screen in Games?

The biggest patience stone for many in the gaming world is undoubtedly the ‘Loading’ screen. So, why is there a ‘Loading’ screen? Let’s explain why in detail.

The game world continues to evolve and develop every year with new technologies and techniques. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning of the games: Loading screen.

When we start the games, when we want to continue from where we left off, or when switching between chapters, we encounter loading screens in every game. well, this Why are there loading screens?

Why is there a “Loading” screen?

There is only one main reason for the loading screens we see in each video game: Everything from the text we will see in the game to a piece of grass, from a single pixel color on our character to huge buildings, is ‘computed’ by the computer in the process.being transferred‘.

At this point “Well, haven’t we already downloaded the game, where else do we transfer it?” you may ask. If the answer to this question is in the working logic of the computer lies.

What happens on the loading screen?

loading screen

Everything we download to our computer is stored in storage media in the form of a hard disk or SSD. permanently they are hiding. But these files are not processed by the computer unless we open them or send a request for them, they just exist.

For this, let’s briefly explain what happens when you download a music or picture, when you open these files: The data of the files in the storage unit, ‘temporary data storetransferred to the DRAMs acting as ‘. You know, those thin rectangular pieces that are written as 8 or 16 GB in our computer specifications.

The same process works in games and in every conceivable process. found in a game, called ‘assets’ all data such as all materials, codes that run the game and save fileswhen we start the game or skip a chapter transferred from permanent storage to temporary storage.

This is where the difference between HDD and SSD comes in: the higher the write speed of your storage, the faster the data is transferred to RAM.

So why aren’t the files being read directly from the SSD, what’s the need for DRAM?


These units, defined as DRAM, Thousands of times faster than even an SSD It has data read and write speed. If you tried to run any program without DRAM, you would have to wait unimaginable times.

This speed is so high that each data stored in DRAM is transmitted through RAM. in just nanoseconds can be processed.

That’s why the amount of RAM in the system requirements of games is critical:

When you look at the system requirements of the games, they are at very different levels. with RAM requirements you may encounter. This requirement is actually a must-read for a game to run. total size of all critical files says. The higher the RAM capacity, the more game files the system can store in temporary memory, the game runs much more fluently.

When your RAM capacity is insufficient, the game will hang much more. This is because your RAM first deletes the ‘old’ data during this time and replaces it with new data that will appear on the screen. Of course, the processor and graphics card also calculate the new data coming to the RAM from the beginning.

The role and importance of the processor and graphics card also comes into play at this point:


This is where the power of your processor comes into play. All data transferred to DRAM, managed by your processor. What you see when you look at the screen in the game, thanks to calculations made by your processor and video card it’s coming out. The higher the computing power, the better the gaming performance.

What can you do to speed up the loading screen?

If you want to spend less time on loading screens, the first thing you should do is to optimize your storage first. If you are a HDD user, You will take the first step by upgrading to SSD.

While we’re on the topic of acceleration, let’s give some advice to those who have problems such as stuttering. If you are facing this issue, it could be due to two reasons: Your processor/video card or RAM capacity is insufficient. If you meet the amount of RAM in the game’s system requirements, the problem will depend on the first cause.

At this stage, you can choose the most suitable parts for you by looking at the system requirements of the games and upgrade your computer.

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