Why Does the iPhone Front Camera Flip the Captured Photos?

Apple is a brand that has taken its place in the market with its features and designs that offer convenience for users. However, there are some features that cannot be understood why it is made. It’s like flipping photos taken with the front camera.

While most other phone brands leave selfies taken using the front camera intact, the iPhone turning it the other way around saves to the camera roll.

Strange for many users And “Do I really look like this from the outside?” Of course, there are some reasons behind this feature.

Using your iPhone, photos you take from other apps like SnapChat or Instagram stay the same, while the phone’s own camera app translates the images.

A photo you took with the rear camera, how it looks when you look at it from the front it gives a result like that. Since a head tilted to the right remains on the left for a person standing in front of you, the camera also takes a shot according to the opposite view.

Things are different with the front camera. The camera lens and the position from which you are looking at it remain opposite each other.

iphone camera rotate

There are two options. Either the photo will be the way the user sees himself in the mirror, as he is used to, or the way others see him from the outside. Obviously, Apple first option has preferred. Therefore, as soon as you take the photo, it saves the rotated version of the photo in your gallery using the “mirror image” feature.


Why do we look like baboons in photos, even though we look gorgeous in the mirror?

The photo that seems upside down to you is actually straight.


This means that the photo you see in the camera roll exactly matches how you looked when you took the photo, not what the camera app is showing. It may seem strange at first, but once you realize it, your photo it’s actually not inverted You will notice.

If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can turn off the mirror image feature.


Settings > Camera > Mirror Front Camera

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