Why Does Our Blood Turn Green in the Ocean?

Did you know that your blood appears green in the depths of the ocean? When we get into the scientific reasons for this strange situation, reminiscent of the Twilight series, you will understand the reason why red and black fish are dominant in the ocean.

Have you ever watched a diving video before and if the diver bleeds? looks green Have you noticed? There is actually a very simple reason behind this situation, which seems like a scene from a science fiction movie.

Let’s take a look at what this reason is and why animals in the depths of the ocean often is red and black Let’s clarify.

Why does our blood bloom in the ocean?

To find out the reason for this situation, let’s first remember science classes in secondary school. According to what we are taught; The color of any object we see is reflecting from it and reaching our eyes It was due to. In other words, the reason why red objects appear red and green objects appear green is because they absorb other light spectrums that reflect those colors.

Frankly, the situation is a little different from this. Objects reflect various wavelengths of light. Blood also absorbs most colors and light, reflects in the red spectrum. In addition, it reflects much smaller amounts of green and blue light.

How do things change in water?


The water appears slightly blue because it absorbs a lot of light in the red wavelengths. If you dig deep, red light is absorbed and only green light is reflected. So, for such a simple reason, when we bleed somewhere in the depths of the ocean, it is very possible that we see it as green.

This is why many of the fish living in the depths are red.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s statement is as follows: “Black animals absorb all colors of available light. Without red light to reflect, red animals appear black and their bodies absorb all available wavelengths of light. Therefore in the ocean red and black animals more dominant.”

Check out the footage of a diver being bitten by a Moray eel 20 meters deep in the ocean!

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