Why Didn’t Apple Take Mass Layoffs?

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained why the company did not go for mass layoffs. According to the statement, Apple sees the dismissal as a “last resort”.

The 2022-2023 season is going to be quite challenging for the technology world. Because while the costs of the companies increase, their earnings are generally in a downtrend. As such, many companies, from Microsoft to Google and even Netflix, are waiting for this season. with mass layoffs is going through.

However, the US-based technology giant Apple has so far not been able to make mass layoffs. didn’t. The strategy followed by Apple was remarkable, while rival companies were shrinking significantly. This issue is covered by The Wall Street Journal Apple CEO Tim Cookwas asked. The answers were as remarkable as why Apple didn’t do a mass extraction.

Tim Cook: Mass layoffs are Apple’s last resort

Tim Cook used the following statements in an interview with the Wall Street Journal: their layoffs I see it as a last resort. You can never say never. However, costs as much as we can. in other ways We want to manage.


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According to a recent statement, Apple isn’t hiring as many as other tech companies.

Again, the Wall Street Journal prepared a report on why Apple did not make mass layoffs in January 2023. Analyzing the September 2019-September 2022 period in this report, the editors found that while competitors showed 57 percent to 100 percent growth, Apple’s only by 20 percent was said to have grown. In other words, Apple was already recruiting very few personnel compared to its competitors.

Tim Cook voluntarily lowered his salary!

Tim Cook

In a news we shared with you a few weeks ago, Tim Cook’s voluntarily lowering one’s own salary since you’re on your way we talked about. In fact, even this is a clear indication why Apple does not need to resort to mass layoffs. Because with the decision taken, Tim Cook will join the company in 2023. 35 million dollars The budget has been left. This amount of money could even save hundreds of employees from their jobs.

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So why mass layoffs?


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