Why Did We Switch From Prepaid Lines to Postpaid Lines?

While our mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, of course we also need them to be able to use them. Old-timers know better, but once upon a time, everyone was using prepaid lines. So what happened when we switched to postpaid lines?

In recent years, as technology has evolved, lines have changed, like many other things in our lives. “Ring and hang up, I’ll call you.” We have suddenly come to a period where we can speak freely. Or “Hi what’s up?” While writing, we suddenly found ourselves writing an epic.

Nowadays, it provides almost unlimited(!) surfing pleasure on the Internet. postpaid lines, How do you think it suddenly became indispensable? Let’s go back a little and see what has changed in our lives.

How did the process between us and the mobile phone go?

Offering opportunities such as mobile phone calls and data transfer 2G technology, It started to be used in Turkey in 1994. 1994 was also the year when Turkcell entered our lives with prepaid lines. Transition to 3G in 2009 and 4.5G in 2016 We have become more intimate with technology.

Postpaid lines can also be used with the transition to 3G It started to enter our lives. All existing GSM operators at that time started to run different campaigns. Vodafone subscribers benefit from 1 GB internet package For 30 lira or 175 credits could benefit from it. The 3 GB internet package was 50 lira per month for postpaid line owners.

Postpaid lines were in a more advantageous situation during that period.

phone use in the past

Of course, operators started to organize different campaigns to attract more customers. Postpaid lines offered different advantages compared to prepaid lines. As you can see above, the amount to be paid monthly was better than the GB to be used.

In return for commitment operators to attract more customers, buying a phone in installments It also offered a chance. Of course, back then, it seemed more logical for all of us to buy a phone in installments rather than paying all the money for it. For those who don’t know the period, it wasn’t as expensive back then as it is now. How many people got a phone this way?

What other advantages do postpaid lines have?

Every minute when using a prepaid line “What if I run out of credit?” Living in fear isn’t much fun, is it? By switching to a postpaid line, you pay a fixed amount every month and you’re done. It’s like a kind of financial freedom.

In the past, companies charged non-usage fees without notice. He could reflect it on the invoice silently. We’re sure we’ve all had bills that we’ve been upset about. However, nowadays, if you wish, you can prevent unexpected expenses by activating the pause as soon as the usage right expires.

Postpaid lines undoubtedly offer more attractive packages. Of course, every penny should have a charm. more internet, more talk time, There are many options for you to make personal choices such as SMS, social media packages and games.

Internet is required for everything these days, and postpaid lines are much more advantageous than prepaid lines in this regard. And undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of postpaid line is occurs in emergency situations. What if you didn’t have credit when you had to reach someone?

Aren’t prepaid, ready-made cards not without their advantages?

Even though postpaid lines surround us, Advantages of prepaid lines stands out. First of all, postpaid lines do not tie your hands. Since there is no commitment, you can switch to the advantages of different operators at any time and You will not have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Pre-paid Having it is more advantageous than some. This way, you pay first and then use it and you can control it more easily. Considering that prepaid lines now have economical packages, it actually depends on how much you use your mobile phone and your needs.

We look forward to your experiences and comments on the subject. If you have any experiences, especially during the transition to postpaid, share them with us.

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