Why Bear Market Shining Star Aptos Is Rising: 3.5x in 30 Days

Aptos (APT), the native token of decentralized application (dApp) developer Aptos Labs, gained 3.5x in 30 days as the shining star of the bear market dominating the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

According to the data obtained aptos end 24 per hour 55%end seven per day 84% and last 30 if per day 233% soaring except for the past few weeks. sharply diverged from the rest of the stagnant cryptocurrency market.

located in 300 of them For decentralized applications with more than one developer Answers producing aptos Labs’ native token, Aptos, has become famous in the cryptocurrency ecosystem thanks to the investment it has received from Binance. one of the most popular cryptocurrencies had become one.

Experts say that the last two weeks of bullish PancakeSwap have been on Aptos. continue chain distribution may have resulted from the approval of its decision or that investors have not yet not running out of opportunities stated that they might have an opinion about it.

According to Coinecko data APT, at the time of writing from $12.05 process to see continues.

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