Why Are Top Load Washing Machines Used in the USA?

Even in contemporary American movies, we all thought the same thing when we saw top-loading washing machines: Why do they still use these old-door washing machines?

Maybe in some houses in our country, such top-cover washing machines are used, but americans takes the lead in using such machines.

So why? To understand this, first of all, there is a difference between top and front door washing machines. we need to understand the differences.

Top-covered washing machines were actually designed for our grandmothers.

The most important advantage of top cover machines compared to others is, cheaper that is. Compared to multi-program and more complicated front-covered machines, top-covered ones are used in terms of use. more simple and practical.

In fact, according to our grandmothers; The water selection is “cold-warm-hot” and the washing is “lightly soiled-medium-dirty-heavy-dirty”. by turning two buttons Washing clothes is very easy.

Another important reason is the electronic brain, front cover sealing, shock absorber, detergent reservoir etc. experienced in front cover machines. machines with top cover despite malfunctions such as requires less maintenance and they fail less.

For Americans who are accustomed to living fast in everything, the short washing time must be life saving.


In addition to adding a laundry forgotten during washing in top-covered machines simply by opening the door, you can also wash it. short duration It is also a great convenience.

However, in addition to these advantages, due to the large volume of top-covered washing machines, floor coveringIt is an inevitable fact that it lags far behind its competitors in terms of water and energy saving and its ability to clean laundry is weak.

Americans’ lifestyles lead them to top-loading washing machines.


Despite all these advantages and disadvantages, the strongest reason behind Americans’ preference for top-loading washing machines is, cultural lifestyles that’s how it is.

Since they have special rooms for large-volume washing machines and dryers in their homes, they do not have space problems, and issues such as water and energy consumption. no problemEven the 30-year-old refrigerator in his house is given to you. “Look, I’ve been using it for 30 years without any problems.” It should not be surprising that top-loading washing machines are preferred for a society that loves malfunction-free appliances.


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