Why Are There So Many Hurricanes and Tornadoes Forming in America?

Hurricanes and tornadoes are integral parts of America. These weather events cost hundreds of lives almost every year; It causes great financial and moral disasters in many parts of the country. While this is the case in America, the rest of the world is relatively calm.

Hurricane, the power of the oceans It is one of the natural events that show the most clearly. The vertically rising and rotating wind wave formed in a hurricane is called a tornado. These two weather events, which are integrated with each other, are seen in many parts of the world in certain seasons.

However, when we look at the frequency of occurrence, tornadoes and hurricanes are mostly experienced in America. In America, where almost everything is at the extremes, weather events are also experienced at the extremes. While the speed of the hoses reaches 120 kilometers, The speed of hurricanes exceeds 120 km/h. The damage it left behind is measured in millions of dollars.

Well, what is the reason why hurricanes and tornadoes, which are experienced from time to time in most parts of the world and even in our country, are experienced so often in America?

The biggest reason, as we can all guess, geolocation and features. Hot air and warm sea water are required for both events to occur. There is plenty of both in America.

Especially the coastline, in the summer hot and humid Hurricanes and tornadoes occur frequently in these regions of America. Many conditions such as temperature, humidity, air flow, different temperatures in the atmosphere are effective in the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes.

Yes, we already know this from geography lessons. However, there is a secret we may not know about the winds that are effective in the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes:

world hurricane

That is where the winds first appeared. As you can see on the map, hurricanes do not appear directly in the USA. located kilometers away in West Africa It starts as a wind and turns into a hurricane in a week or two depending on their size.

Let’s get a little more basic and look at how winds in West Africa are formed.


The basis of the winds here, of the Sahara Desert It is the interaction between the hot and dry air of the Gulf of Guinea and the cold and humid air in the Gulf of Guinea. These winds blowing from west to east african east jet is named.

As a result of this interaction, storms occur and, depending on their intensity, going to europe or to America. The wind or storm that goes to Europe either loses its strength and disappears due to the temperature of the waters, or its effect is not as strong as in America.

Winds in the Sahara Desert, hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from America, warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean When it interacts with the Earth, two of the three factors that cause storms to turn into hurricanes and tornadoes happen.

  • These three factors are; moist air, high ocean temperatures, and the Earth’s rotation.

According to research, only six out of 60 weather events that originate in Africa turn into hurricanes.

These, in turn, become stronger with the energy they collect after crossing the Atlantic and affect America. When we look at the effect it has left behind, this number is quite high.

with global warming It is also obvious that tornadoes and hurricanes are more frequent in our world, whose balance is disturbed together.

So, why have hurricanes been given male and female names since 1953?

wind woman

This is because statistics are easier to keep. Names determined according to the list previously prepared by the World Meteorological Organization, in alphabetical order progressing. The list does not include names beginning with the letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z.

Hurricane, which causes many loss of life and property, is one of the names on the list that is returned every 6 years, ‘myth’ accepted and his name is removed from the list. For example, the name of Hurricane Katrina, which caused a great disaster in 2005, was removed from the list.

  • You can check the list of hurricane names for the coming years here.


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