Who is Google CEO Sundar Pickai?

As a common opinion in many circles, Google alone is both the largest search source on the internet, an advertising company, an internet service provider, a drone manufacturer, an operating system manufacturer, a defense company that produces war robots, and a giant with different investments in many different fields. turned into a holding. So who is Google CEO Sundar Pickai? How did he become CEO? What’s the secret of your success?

Who is Google CEO Sundar Pickai?


Google executives, aware of the fact that each business has turned into giant companies that need to be managed by different CEOs, established the parent company Alphabet, and while they moved to Alphabet’s board of directors, they handed Google over to Sandar Pichai, one of the company’s experienced engineers.

Sundar Pichai actually worked at Google for more than 11 years, but didn’t get a lot of attention. Except for the small statements he gave to the press about various products or services, a few small promotions, and a few speeches at Google I/O events, he was not seen much in the media.

Born in India, Pichai moved to the USA for his master’s degree in 1993, after which his career in the USA began. Sundar Pichai, who joined Google in 2004, also changes the fate of the company after this date. Pichai is the brain behind Google’s Chrome browser and also contributes to the popularization of Chrome by developing different applications for the browser. Pichai, who took the helm of Android in 2013, ignites the fuse of Android after this date, and Android turns into the powerful operating system we know today.

Who is Google CEO Sundar Pickai

All these achievements have elevated him to the position of CEO of Google today. Of course, Google today is no longer the “old” Google. In other words, Google’s CEO, while managing internet services, monitors the production of robot aircraft, monitors the development of the new version of Android, gives incentives to Samsung and other Android partners to produce phones with the new Android system, negotiates with the military for military robot technologies. People don’t need to sleep through the sales reports of smart devices that regulate the temperature of their homes or how many billion dollars they have to bid to buy a vegetarian hamburger company, because former Google executives took all these difficult tasks with them to the Alphabet board of directors. Pichai’s responsibility as CEO consists solely of Google’s internet services.

What about the new CEO; Will it be able to manage Google as successfully as before? Will Pichai, whose success as a technical man is undeniable, be able to move the company higher as a CEO without giving Google to the jackals of the business world? Everyone is curious about the answer to this question, but of course, the former executives of Google left Pichai to take the seat and believed that he would be successful in this regard, as Sundar Pichai is sitting in the CEO seat of Google today.

Among the challenges waiting for Pichai are the rapidly rising discussions of “racism in technology companies” in the USA, the problem of low-paid subcontractors, which also creates unease among the employees of technology companies, the European Union’s determined efforts to kick Google out of Europe, and Russian president Putin. There are problems such as the deep hatred that Google has for Google. Apart from this, we are sure that Google will continue to be successful in technology, but the problems we have mentioned above need the political maneuvers of a shrewd businessman rather than technical success.

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