Who Invented Chess? A Brief History of Chess

Today, we will examine the game of chess, which is played a lot today, requires thought power instead of physical power, and can be played by everyone from 7 to 70. Although we have always heard of chess or know how to play it, where did this game come from? Who came up with the idea of ​​arranging 32 stones on 64 squares and giving them separate tasks? Let’s examine together.

The Egyptian pyramids, besides carrying many mysteries, chess It also carries a mystery for the game. According to the findings from archaeological studies, it was found that kings played a game similar to chess on the reliefs on the walls about 4000 years ago.

The first written documents about chess are 3-4 AD. who lived in the century Indian Ruler II. Chandragupta takes us back to time. The name of the game was also called “Çaturanga”. It is said that it moved from there to Iran, from Iran to the Arabs, and from the Andalusians to all of Europe via Spain.

Let’s look at the origin of chess: In Iran, chess was used to measure the intelligence of Persian rulers.

In Iran, chess was originally used to measure the intelligence and analytical thinking of Persian rulers. But Munich historian Renate Syed says I’m sure chess was discovered in India. According to that this was more of a war tactic than a game. For example, while the peasant infantry were driven from the front, armored elephants were ready for the attack. While the archers marched towards the enemy with their chariots, the cavalry planned to capture the enemy and win the war.

Indian scholars, on the other hand, needed theory for their war to be successful, and chess was the perfect solution. maybe why bother so much you can say. But when we look at the Indian culture, we can see the location of the painting very easily, like the war scenes are embroidered on carpets. It is not unusual for a society that has made war on the carpet to deal with such a thing in order to win a war. Syed also stated that those who sided with the king were the viziers from the most respected families.

There are also different approaches to the origin of chess:

origin of chess

Although there is no exact data, there are many assumptions about the origin of chess. Another is that Brahman found the chess and gave it to the Shah. The Shah said to him, “Ask whatever you want from me.” Brahman He asked her to put twice as much wheat on each of the chess squares, but when it started to be played, the amount of wheat Brahman wanted was close to impossible. Shah also congratulated Brahman and said how strong he was.

Another hypothesis says that Palamedes invented chess during the siege of Troy. But neither the Greeks nor anyone else has received any confirmation on this issue. Finally, there is one more country we can talk about. He is China. Legend has it that commander Han Xin invented this game for a war. According to every legend or belief, chess has its roots in war, the theory and practice of war. It was forgotten over the years and only resurrected in the 7th century AD. For those times too It is called “XiangQi”, that is, the Elephant Game. Although there are many assumptions, it seems that it will never be known exactly where chess came from…

Chess pieces: Inspired by Turkish civilizations

Chess pieces

It is said that the first stone types resembling chess pieces were found in Dervazintepe (100 AD), which was the capital of the Kushan State. From there, it passed into Indian lands… When we look at the shape and shape of the stones has a great place in Turkish civilizations. Some things have been seen. If we think of the Turkish civilization of those times, things like horses, tents, balbal, and cupolas come to mind. XI. In the 19th century, a chess set made of ivory was found and it was called the Seljuk Chess Set.

The journey of chess from past to present:


In the past, it was very difficult to play chess and win. For example, the queen could only advance one square, or the bishop could only jump one square, like a horse, and the rook was the only one that could go far. Restrictions like this have made the game quite difficult. Today, when pawns reach the opposite side, they can turn into another piece of your choice, or moves such as jumping two squares with a pawn and castling have been added. With these, playing the game accelerated. International Today Chess Federation (FIDE) It has become one of the federations with the most members. Maybe over the years, other rules will be added and removed and the course of the game will change, who knows…

The transition from the romantic era to the digital era:

computer vs human

In the 1880s, it gradually began to take the form of modern chess. These times were also called Romantic Period Chess. If we need to talk about the name that left its mark on its time, Adolf Anderssen He gave up a queen and two rooks, but still defeated his opponent and received the title “Immortal Game”. Over time, chess was also encountered during the Cold War period.

Even though the Soviet Union made a lot of effort to be good in this game and got superior wins, they faced a tough opponent. The fact that this opponent is not human surprised everyone. Yes, you read that right… A computer has won the game by going beyond the human brain. This computer system called “Deep Blue” was invented in 1997. Gary KasparovHe defeated and went down in history. Current computer systems are capable of defeating humans, but if we consider that the human brain made them, maybe we will be freed from checkmate forever.

Unforgettable and important chess masters in history:


At the beginning of the oldest as a master player Joseph Henry Blackburne (1841-1924) is coming. Known as the Black Death, Joseph has developed a unique style by making unexpected sacrifices and is very popular in the chess world. Our next golden name is Anatoly Karpov (1951-). Karpov, who is still alive, is a name that has been talked about a lot between 1975-1985. The fact that he doesn’t play as aggressively as Blacburne has caused some people to find his game boring. But suddenly, he still managed to take his place in history with his offensive and defensive style of play.

The cornerstone of the legends corner: The Kasparov Generation

Garry Kasparov

Next comes Garry Kasparov. As we just mentioned, he makes a lot of talk about himself with his game against artificial intelligence. Kasparov, who held the world championship from 1985 to 2000, plays in exhibition matches from time to time, although he is now retired. Next up is a name from America… Bobby Fischer (1943-2008). Although he held the world championship for only 3 years, he was one of the names that made the most logical moves according to artificial intelligence. He is also America’s only world champion. He has succeeded in inspiring many people with his game genre. We reserved the last row for the most legendary person of our day. Magnus Carlsen. Norwegian Carlsen not only made a name for himself with the fast games he played, but also broke the record by reaching 2882 in FIDE ELO, which shows the score of chess players.

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