Who Has Been Arrested From Tornado Cash Team Announced

It has been learned that the name arrested from the Tornado Cash team, which provides mixing services for cryptocurrencies, is Alexey Pertsev.

Alexey Pertsev’s wife, Ksenia Malik, confirmed that her husband was arrested by authorities in the Netherlands on August 10 in Amsterdam.

Speaking about his wife’s arrest, Malik said he was shocked after this incident and “My husband did nothing illegal.” he added.

Dutch authorities, in their statements on the subject, Covering up Tornado Cash’s illegal financial transactions and used to launder money saying and linked to Tornado Cash A 29-year-old man was arrested they had stated.

Tornado Cash provides cryptocurrency users with the mixing service of transactions on the blockchain. it keeps it hidden. The U.S. Department of the Treasury has so far Money laundering worth more than $7 billion Blacklisted Tornado Cash for alleged mediation.

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