Where is NFC on the phone? How does the NFC sensor work?

There is much more technology inside our smartphones than we can count. Some of these are among the wireless communication tools. So how does the NFC sensor that many of us use often work? Also where is NFC located on the phone?

What is NFC? How does the NFC sensor work?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a very popular wireless technology that can only be used over very short distances to provide reliable communication. It is a very short range connection method that allows two devices to connect, exchange information and activate various commands.

During use, communication is bidirectional. Its main purpose is to enable devices to establish a low-contact-non-contact connection. Moreover, it works completely automatically without the need to enter any PIN or password. So much so that data can be transferred from one device to another simply by touch or at a very close distance.

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Where is NFC on the phone?

If your smartphone has an NFC sensor, it is most likely located on the back of your device, in the upper left corner. However, in some models, we can see it in the upper middle and upper right parts of the rear due to design differences.

Of course, if you have activated the NFC sensor in the device settings, just like bluetooth, it will be enough to bring the back of the phone close enough to touch the relevant area when you make payment or data transfer.

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