When and How Was TRT’s First Broadcast Made?

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) made its first broadcast on January 31, 1968. Here is the story of the most important event in Turkish television history…

Turkey managed to enter the television world a few years after this technology became popular. January 31, 1968 Its history is also of great importance for Turkey.

In Turkey Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) The first television broadcast took place on January 31, 1968. Let’s look at the story of the broadcast that took place as a trial broadcast.

Those moments when the history of television began in Turkey:

Here’s what you need to know about the first release:

Turkey’s first trial broadcast started at Mithatpaşa Studio in Ankara. The first is approx. lasting 1.5 hours The duration of trial broadcasts was gradually increased in the following days. Broadcasts initially continued for three hours, three days a week. A year later, it started broadcasting 4 days a week.

Broadcast, TRT’s first announcer In the words of Nuran Devres started. Of course, this broadcast was in black and white, as it would be for the next 10 years or so. Turkey partially made its transition to color television in the 1980s.

Nuran Dervis made the following statement about those moments:

“It’s an incredible excitement. It’s more than excitement. So you know what I’m going to do? I will say 3 sentences there. I memorized those three sentences for weeks, for fear of forgetting.”

The first broadcast, which started with the announcement of Nuran Dervis, “While starting” speech and “Turkish Revolution Historycontinued with the release of the short documentary ”. The broadcast ends with the speech of the announcer Nuran Dervis. After the closing announcement, first the Turkish Flag is waved and then the National Anthem is sung.

Of course, the broadcast did not go smoothly:

During the broadcast, the team also encountered two different errors. During both malfunctions, a police cartoon making a “stop” sign and “Please Wait” appear on the screen.

TRT’s broadcast was not technically Turkey’s first broadcast:

Although TRT’s first broadcast was called the first broadcast in Turkey because it was national, it was not actually the first broadcast. The first real television broadcast in Turkey was made by Istanbul Technical University television 16 years before TRT.

The broadcast, which took place on ITU TV in 1952, is made in the building in Maçka, which is known as the School of Foreign Languages ​​today. Broadcasting is via Philips amateur transmitters with 1,100 watts of power. The camera and studio used in the broadcast of ITU are still preserved today:


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