WhatsApp gave the good news to those who do not like to listen to audio recordings!

Listening to audio recordings on WhatsApp is sometimes just fun for the person who recorded the audio. Audio recordings have been a discussed feature in WhatsApp until now. This is for you, especially if you have friends who like to get their message across in minutes rather than just a few words. it’s an ordeal you know. Status with the new feature of WhatsApp a better situation will receive.

Response to claims from Google that it shares user data

Criticized for allegedly sharing user data with various states of the world, Google responded to the rumors by issuing a statement.

WhatsApp will convert audio recording content to text

For the iOS version of WhatsApp turned out to be developed The feature will give a sigh of relief to those who do not like to listen to audio recordings. This feature, which is still in a very early stage, can save a few minutes of your life when it becomes available. Apple already has a good voice recognition engine, it’s software power with WhatsApp will merge and you will be able to see the audio recording from any of them as text.

whatsapp voice recording
Source: WABetaInfo

The reason this feature was developed for iOS is because the feature is based on Apple’s voice recognition engine. In fact, Google is as powerful as Apple. voice recognition engine there is. However, it is known that the feature is currently only developed for iOS devices. Maybe we can see the same feature for Android in the coming weeks.

It is currently not possible for you to try the feature that converts the said audio recordings to text. Because the feature did not even come to WhatsApp Beta and is only known to be developed.

It may take a long time for the features under development to reach the final version. First, ensure that the feature is included in the beta program, and then exit that program. switch to stable program we have to wait. It’s also nice to know that this feature is on the way, though.

Do you think WhatsApp will be more useful with its new voice recording feature?