What would happen if the moon suddenly disappeared from the sky?

The Moon, our only satellite that accompanies us in the sky every night, is the closest celestial body in the universe to our planet. The existence of the Moon is critical to Earth for many reasons.

The Moon, which has fascinated all humanity with its existence throughout history, essential for the world as a neighbor.

Besides presenting an impressive display, it controls the tidal patterns of the oceans on our planet and It affects our atmosphere and our climate.

So what would happen if the Moon suddenly disappeared? The answer to the question is not heartwarming at all…

First of all, the clearest thing anyone would notice would be that everything would be much darker at night. If we can see things when we go out at night, it’s because highly The light reflected by the moon.

For example, on your street especially in winter when the power goes out If you’ve looked outside, you’ve noticed how dark it is. Because in the winter, the weather is usually cloudy, so most of the moonlight is blocked and cannot reach the surface.

Now that the Moon has completely disappeared and there are street lamps and so on. also imagine that there is no light source; It would be no exaggeration to say that we will be plunged into complete darkness.

Although most of us have lamps on our streets, this situation may not seem like much of a problem. with no light source There are many roads, villages and regions.

The second effect is a little more critical, if not for us, but for our animal friends.


According to research, many animals find direction and uses the Moon to survive. Some creatures use the moonlight to hunt or avoid the moonlight to avoid being hunted.

Therefore, the complete disappearance of the Moon, some living species to the point of extinction For some, it could be the perfect opportunity. As a result, the balance of living things in nature may change.

One of the most important effects of the Moon is that it controls the tides in our oceans.

moon tide

If there was no moon the tides would be much slower. The slowdown of the tides, which are very critical for coastal ecosystems, would negatively affect the cycle of energy, water, minerals and other resources, which would mean the extinction of the creatures living in those regions or having to migrate.

Moreover ocean currents We would be faced with many serious problems, from climate change to global climate changes.

The last problem is that our axial tilt angle, which remains constant to a certain extent thanks to the Moon, will change completely.


With the change of this angle, our planet will be destroyed in a very short time. monoseason It can become a season, then even have weekly seasons. As a result of these changes, all living things may disappear and our planet may become an unstable system for life like Mars.

This is the Moon, the pearl of our sky, that’s it for the Earth. vitally important…


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