What will be introduced at the Apple Let Loose event?

Apple introduced its new 14- and 16-inch Mac models at the “Scary Fast” event last month. Now, he has announced the new event date by adding a reminder about the “Let Loose” event to his YouTube channel. At this event, especially the new iPad and its accessories are expected to be introduced. Here is “What will be introduced at the Let Loose event?” Our video titled…

Among the products that are likely to be introduced at the “Let Loose” event are new generation iPads and Apple Pencil products. The pencil image in the event logo may indicate that a new Apple Pencil will be introduced. Additionally, iPads with OLED screens and M3 processors, which were not introduced although they were expected at the last event, may also be introduced at this event.


The event will start on May 7, 2024 at 17.00 Turkey time and will not be broadcast live on Apple’s official YouTube channel, but can be watched in a pre-recorded format. In addition, there are leaks that new Magic Keyboard and Smart Folio keyboards will be introduced.

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Android is on the rise! Apple is bleeding

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The new Magic Keyboard is expected to have backlighting, different color options, and a thinner and lighter structure. It is anticipated that the Smart Folio keyboard will offer similar updates and a lighter and more durable structure with the integrated keyboard option.

What will be introduced at the Let Loose event?

It has been 4 years since the current 2nd generation Apple Pencil was introduced at the “Time Flies” event in 2020, and Apple is expected to make an update for this stylus. Apple, which launched the USB-C model at the “Wonderlust” event last fall, is highly anticipated by users to introduce a new Apple Pencil model at the “Let Loose” event on May 7.

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