What will artificial intelligence be like in the iPhone 16 series?

Apple is preparing for significant developments in the field of artificial intelligence with the launch of iPhone 17 next year. It will be introduced later this year, according to JP Morgan and Barclays analysts iPhone 16 family whereas artificial intelligence It won’t take away many of its features.

According to information from the company, the iPhone 17 family will have a much larger RAM capacity and larger neural processing unit (NPU). These upgrades will make it possible to use productive artificial intelligence on the device.

Some analysts think that the iPhone 16 series will not make much difference compared to the iPhone 15 models currently on sale. This will directly affect the sales of the iPhone 16 series. Although iOS 17 Although a major artificial intelligence breakthrough will be made with the new devices, the hardware of the new devices will not be sufficient for high-level artificial intelligence.

Options are increasing!  Delightful claim for iPhone 16 Plus

Options are increasing! Delightful claim for iPhone 16 Plus

Information continues to come for the new iPhones that Apple will introduce in September. Finally, iPhone 16 Plus color options have emerged.

It is also said that the iPhone 17 will benefit from the software optimizations that will be offered with iOS 17. It is stated that an advanced chat bot similar to ChatGPT will be included in iOS 18. It was reported that Apple will also upgrade the microphones in the iPhone series to improve Siri.

On the other hand, the iPhone 16 series will be released with 7 color options: black, white, green, yellow, pink, blue and purple. Accordingly, we see that the model will also have white and purple color options compared to its predecessor.

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