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Gastritis, which occurs due to inflammation caused by a bacterial infection in the stomach, is one of the most common stomach problems. While you can get medical help for its treatment, it is possible to reduce the pain at least some by making some lifestyle changes.

Gastritis, one of the most common stomach diseases in the world and in our country, is an inflammation-related disease that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection in the stomach. Its symptoms are not visible from the outside, but A person with gastritis feels like there is fire inside. This disturbing feeling may occur from time to time, or sometimes it becomes chronic and makes people bored.

For gastritis treatment, you must of course be examined by a specialist physician. But There are also some lifestyle changes you can make to enhance treatment. Because inflammation in the stomach sometimes causes you to feel great pain depending on the foods you eat and drink, while sometimes you can have a happy day without feeling anything.

Let’s first understand the situation well; What is gastritis?

In its most general definition, gastritis is It is an inflammation of the stomach lining. In addition to inflammation caused by bacterial infection in the stomach, irritation or erosion of the stomach lining can also cause gastritis. It may occur suddenly and often with great pain, or it may occur gradually without any notice.

There are different types of gastritis:

  • acute gastritis
  • chronic gastritis
  • Erosive gastritis
  • Non-erosive gastritis
  • Special cases of gastritis

Acute gastritis:

Acute gastritis occurs suddenly and often temporary It is a type of gastritis. It occurs due to many different reasons, causes intense pain and tends to go away on its own.

Chronic gastritis:

Chronic gastritis, unlike the acute condition long-term gastritis condition expresses. However, you rarely feel chronic gastritis or most of the time you don’t feel it at all. In general, it tends to develop slowly due to a different problem.

Erosive gastritis:

Erosive gastritis is caused by things getting into your stomach. gradually eroding the stomach lining This is when it creates wounds there. Stomach acid, bile, alcohol, drugs or different medications can cause this erosion in the stomach.

Non-erosive gastritis:

Things that get into your stomach in case of non-erosive gastritis It does not completely erode the stomach lining but irritates it. For example, in the case of atrophic gastritis, your stomach lining becomes thin and almost depleted, causing digestive problems.

Special cases of gastritis:

There may be many different reasons for these, but the most well-known are as follows; infectious gastritis, drug-induced gastritis, alcohol-induced gastritis, stress-induced gastritis, autoimmune gastritis, eosinophilic gastritis. It is possible to increase the examples.

Okay, but what causes gastritis?

  • A bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, which lives in the stomach mucosa and can cause ulcers and stomach cancer.
  • bile duct reflux
  • Infections caused by different bacteria and viruses
  • excessive alcohol use
  • Chronic vomiting condition
  • Stress
  • Different drug uses

As can be seen from the list, there are actually two main conditions that cause gastritis; infection and irritation. When an infection occurs In general, it does not go away easily without medication. However, if it is caused by irritation with your own hands, it can go away thanks to lifestyle changes. Of course, your doctor will make the best decision.

Maybe the problem is something else, here are some of the most common gastritis symptoms:

  • Recurrent nausea
  • Abnormal swelling, especially in the upper part of the abdomen
  • Stomach ache
  • Vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Burning and gnawing-like feeling in the stomach
  • Hiccup

These are some of the symptoms commonly seen in gastritis patients. Of course, these do not always occur together or with the same intensity. The characteristic symptom of gastritis is pain in the upper abdomen, near the chest. You feel as if that area is burning, as if something inside is gnawing at you.

So is gastritis dangerous? Some symptoms may be a red flag:

  • bloody vomit
  • Sticky and very foul-smelling stools
  • Sudden onset of abdominal and chest pain
  • intense loss of appetite
  • Feeling very full even when you eat little
  • abnormal weight loss
  • Persistent swelling in the abdomen
  • Pain when swallowing

Gastritis is not always considered a very scary disease. However, the situations we listed above especially the first items, If it is revealed, it means that the incident is not so innocent anymore. Therefore, you should listen to yourself extremely carefully and control your abnormal situations.

There are some things you need to change if you have gastritis:

  • Limit consumption of caffeinated beverages such as tea, cola and coffee.
  • Limit consumption of acidic drinks such as orange juice.
  • Limit consumption of fatty and spicy food.
  • Elevate your head by placing a pillow under it while lying down to prevent stomach acid from rising up.
  • Lose weight.
  • If you have a medication you use regularly, consider changing it by consulting your doctor.
  • Stop eating at least 3 hours before going to sleep.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not smoke.

When you have stomach inflammation that causes gastritis, it is extremely important to stay away from the foods we have listed. Because It will fuel your pain, just like pouring gasoline on a burning fire. Even if you cannot stay away completely, it is very important to limit it.

When should you go to the doctor?

You do not need to worry immediately in case of gastritis that occurs occasionally and goes away on its own, but If these symptoms do not go away or even continue to increase You should definitely be examined by a specialist physician. If you experience bloody vomit or bloody stools, you should go to the nearest emergency room because things may be more serious than you think.

How is gastritis treated?

When you go to a specialist doctor and explain your complaints, a series of tests will be performed on you and it will be revealed whether you have gastritis or not. Later The cause of gastritis is diagnosed. Depending on the current situation, your doctor may prescribe some medications and recommend lifestyle changes. In rare cases, surgical intervention may be required.

Occurs due to inflammation in the stomach What is gastritis and what are its symptoms? We answered frequently asked questions such as: What we say is for informational purposes only. Remember that, as with all health issues, you should get the most accurate and personalized information about gastritis from a specialist physician.

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