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GameFi, Game and Finance, as the name suggests, is a concept that aims to enable participants to earn financial gain while playing games. The concept also referred to the gamification of various systems for generating financial returns in the crypto industry. In GameFi projects, avatars, plots, costumes, weapons, gold and pets, Metaverse different characters and NFTs, digitally designed assets were included in the games. Thus, the person playing the game could exchange his earnings with NFT or cryptocurrencies and make a profit. [1]

The cross-platform transition, the purposive community and the effectiveness of the decisions and approach of this community during the progression and design phases provided by the Blockchain, compared to the existing online games of GameFi games, demonstrated the benefits of Blockchain. The meeting of the blockchain with DeFi technology showed that it would be possible to make the system and the number of participants easily by using the cumulative staking system instead of mining.

What can GameFi offer us?

Although the games of digital platforms started to enter our lives from 1980-1990, the benefits of this world, which was used only for fun and exploration, were not fully known as of that period. After the arcade halls, the installation of devices such as the commodore to the manual televisions in our homes and the playing of the games somehow satisfied people’s desire to race and beat, and provided the users with pleasant moments.

In this period, while the beauty of playing games was understood by many people, they were not very aware of the pleasure to be gained by watching the players. It was seen that it could be quite fun to be watched over time, and at that time, when two people playing games such as Street Fighter clashed and attracted the attention of tens or even hundreds of people, it was seen that this situation led to the formation of agglomerations in large areas.

Getting started with game design…

By the 1990s, as time passed, with the development of computers and web technology, it was observed that there was a group of people who designed the games as well as the parties that played and watched the games. Unity (2-3D), Unreal Engine, Blender etc. The free downloading and use of many games and visualization programs had begun to enable people to reach a large audience in the game design process. It has been seen that there are people who want to design the characters and surrounding objects with programs such as Zbrush, Maya, Blender, Cinema4d 3d Max, etc., and use these designs by adding something from their own thoughts, and it has become possible to earn personal money with the companies that make the programs we have mentioned. No matter how much money was started to be made, the regional location or the presence of regional companies also caused these characters and designs to not be appreciated enough.

By the 2000s, watching the gamers on platforms such as Twitch and making money from users and sponsors for the gamer started to be seen as a remarkable development. In the 2010s, it was seen that electronic sports (E-sports), that is, professional cyber athletes began to emerge. It has been seen that the most common game types in electronic sports are strategy games, fighting games, first-person shooters and sports games. Tournaments such as the League of legends world championship, the International evolution championship series and Intel extreme masters were broadcast live, and the competitive enjoyment of people playing as a team was becoming more and more understandable, as they provided players with significant cash prizes up to eight digits.

We will address this issue and the inclusion of the Blockchain system in detail in our next articles. [2] No matter how nice it is to watch and design the games and allow generating money, the lack of Blockchain-based games caused the viewers to not be able to contribute fully and to be seen as an activity performed by only 3-5 people. The development of the games in the system that can be followed with the blockchain and the fact that not only the players, but also the people who follow this system, contribute intellectually, and the ability to buy and sell the created characters as NFT, to provide entertainment and development in the game industry beyond what people can imagine, to the formation of a new world. was beginning to appear to be possible.

The transfer of characters between games and the benefits it will bring…

Of course, people who have spent years and created characters, these characters are only in a game or a movie, it does not transfer to other games, and even puzzle, t-shirt mini sculpture, toy designs are made by others and earn money, while the person who designed the character can only do it once and for all. he said that earning money (from movies, games, etc.) means a troublesome process. In order not to allow this situation, the establishment of a detailed inspection system did not seem possible in all parts of the world.

Smart contract clauses (NFTs) within the blockchain and their legal enforcement would make it possible for this control and the first person to design the character to profit. It was a very important development indicator to think about how the characters to be created would have real-life Metaverses and the spread of their use would add value to the person who created and used it. Because it is foreseen that the purchase or use of these characters will be possible with realistic Blockchains and cryptocurrencies, so the future of those who have values ​​​​such as the concept of scaling this chain, speed, transformation flexibility already looked very bright. By looking at the project page (whitepaper), it was easier to predict the blockchain and the promises of the owners, and those who understand the software, to examine their algorithm system (Sha256, etc.)

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Will there be only one type of person with GameFi?

Although it is observed that with GameFi, instead of the capitalist system created by the idea that if there is money, you will make more money today, labor comes to the fore, things that make people feel valuable and enjoyable will be important, and dreams and related designs cannot be prevented from separating, although it is observed that societies own customs and traditions, life With the effect of digitalization, the decrease in socialization compared to real life, will it limit societies with a uniform formation or whether it will be a more comfortable socialization? it would cause the answer to be seen to be experienced.

Although we could not be in clear decisions, it was predicted that ethical customs and traditions would turn into common concepts and more valuable concepts with technology. Because even though the interaction between societies increased, it was the basic value that the Metaverse world defended in the future, that people would have common values ​​and more importance would be given to information. Even though the future was uncertain, it was seen that what would be inevitable was the subject of discussion. For this reason, it was seen that it would be important to shape customs and basic morals by taking these values ​​into account, since they constitute the difference and beautiful side of societies.

How can making money from the game with GameFi contribute?

Considering that the things that happen socially are determined in line with the needs, it was an important indicator of the situation that the art and the money to be obtained with the art, which is necessary for humanity, exceeded the extent and limits for development. Although science and art are important for humanity, the idea that R&D and diversification of this and its benefits to humanity were not only important for the need for money, but also the thought that the designs to be made in the real world could create things more inclined to human ergonomics would begin to be seen. It was seen that the importance of removing the monetary differences and preserving the differences in customs and traditions was entered into the ergonomics. Today, many things that people experience physically and psychologically, although they are not seen as related to ergonomics, have begun to be analyzed that affect public health in a way that is felt.

That’s why we need to be open to the developments prepared in the Game and Blockchain sector and move forward. It has been understood day by day that we need to add value to ourselves by looking at the content, speed, flexibility, algorithm system and developers of the project page (whitepaper), but that it is important to design it by predicting its effects. With GameFi, it would be seen that making money and people would get the reward of their efforts at more accurate values. It is seen that it is inevitable in the future and that it is planned and designed for human beings, and it will provide both psychological and technological readiness.

From the pen of Industrial Engineer Fatih SÖZER…


1) (The highlights of the week in the other universe prepared by Necdet Çalışkan from Habertürk…)

2) (wikiperdi wikipedia.org/wiki/Elektronik_spor) GameFi Game Design and Monetization

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