What is an APK file? How to install? (Illustrations)

One Android device, probably at some point APK term has appeared before you. Generally Google Play Store from app stores like independent such files downloaded as Android It is a method preferred by users. Alright, What is APK file? How to install? We explained it in detail in our article.

What is APK?

Android Package Kit your words abbreviated in the state APKmobile distribution of applications and used by the Android operating system for its installation package file format. Windows (PC) operating system install software for one .exe extension like using file, APK files do the same for Android does it for.

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Google Play Store when you download apps from stores like basically an APK file you download. Then, this file can be easily uploaded to your system thanks to the APK extension. installed. However, most users Google Play StoreIn fact, the app they downloaded from know it’s an APK Impossible. Because APK extension files are often used by users. choice for different purposes is being done.

Why are APK files preferred?

APK of your files not preferred at the beginning of the reasons Google Play StoreSome of the apps in region restriction Due to the fact that it is not available in our country. And also after update Another application with disliked features install an old version is also preferred. In such cases, APK files can be really useful.

apk file,apk install

On the other hand, APK files In general, all over the world, including our country, Paid in stores like Google Play Store to software with free is preferred to have. However paid apps on the owner unauthorized changes to users free such applications, when offeredpirate‘ category.

Therefore, the so-called pirate you definitely do not prefer software we recommend. Because this kind APK fileswhen you download it to your device app only it will not descend. Various malware your safety and security by downloading to your device. serious risk to your data will create.

How to install APK file?

To download APK files An APK site that you are sure of its security you need to find. (APKMirror or APKPure You can choose platforms such as unknown where it came from APK files are any does not pass security check. Therefore, APK files downloaded from outside the Google Play Store are always available for your device. a potential threat Remember it is. for this on your smartphone. always Antivirus It would be better if you have the program.

Step 1: to download APK file ” to install on your deviceAllow Unknown SourcesSelect ” active you need to. If this operation if you have done it before to do it again There’s no need.

Step 2: To allow your smartphone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store Menu > Settings > Security follow your steps and Unknown Sources option activate. These steps will vary depending on the device model.

apk file,apk install

Step 3: After completing the above process, you can visit a site that you are sure of its security. APK fileDownload . APK you downloaded file located on your device ”to the “Downloads” folder will be saved. For this file manager use it.

Step 4: APK after finding the file click on install You can start the process.

apk file,apk install

If you follow these steps completely, the APK file will be installed on your device. However, let us remind you once again that you should be careful when downloading APK files from a different source.

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