What is a hologram, what are the types of holograms?

The hologram, a technology that we have been waiting for years for years to come but still has not reached the end consumer, appears before us because it is used in some places, even if it is not common. So what exactly is a hologram? Hologram is a technology made up of different types and created through different systems.

Being a kid in the 90s means it also means admiring the hologram technology. Because in almost every science fiction movie made in the 1990s and 2000s hologram we encounter. According to the predictions of these films, we should have encountered a hologram on every corner today, and even our video conversations should have been done through this technology. But let’s see that such a thing is not possible yet.

Although it is not a technology that has reached the end consumer, it still hologram possible to meet. Even in our country, we come across holograms made during the celebrations of some important days and seem quite successful. Alright, Do we know exactly what a hologram is? Let’s examine the question of what is a hologram in a little more detail and get to know the hologram technology, which actually consists of different types.

What is a hologram?

Hologram, holos and gramma It is a term formed by combining the words.. Greek holos while the word means all gramma The word means message. well Hologram means a whole message. All it means here is the transfer of the image in three dimensions as the most important factor supporting the message.

The term hologram for the first time in 1949 It was used by British electrical engineer and physicist Dennis Gabor. Gabor, who invented a holographic system, albeit primitive, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for his work.

The most important difference that distinguishes a hologram from a normal image is that it is three-dimensional. Adding three dimensions to the hologram image There are many different methods, and the areas of use of these methods are hologram types. While sometimes a mirror and light are sufficient to create a hologram, sometimes complex laser systems are needed.

What are the types of holograms?

  • The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram
  • Holographic smoke screen
  • Holographic mesh system
  • Holographic mirror technique
  • Translucent OLED displays
  • holographic pyramids
  • hologram creations
  • HYPERVSN system

The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram:

He died in 1996 at the 2012 Coachella music festival in California. The technology that brought legendary rapper 2Pac to the stage The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram, which we know as the hologram, is actually a simple re-enactment technique. You can project the image created with this technique in any size you want. It is one of the hologram types that has been studied for many years and gives the most guaranteed results.

For The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram system, which is successfully used in large organizations such as the Coachella music festival The reflector must be placed at a 45 degree angle. Since it is a simple mirror reflection technique, it needs a truly dark environment and it is extremely important that the surrounding factors do not interfere with the light.

Holographic smoke screen:


The holographic smoke screen system is created based on the basic laws of physics. Just as car headlights create a 3D image in dense fog: The artificial fog, which is also created in the holographic smoke screen type, or the light reflected in the semi-transparent mesh creates a three-dimensional image, namely a hologram.

Unlike The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram system In the holographic smoke screen, the image comes from behind. It is frequently used in theater and cinema as it creates an impressive image. It does not offer a very realistic image, but it offers the opportunity to reflect multiple characters according to the density of the artificial fog used.

Holographic mesh system:


The holographic mesh system is one of the types of holograms created using cutting-edge technology. for this system an almost transparent LED display are needed. The LED screens used in this system, where you can create holograms by even covering an entire building, have been specially developed to project a 3D image.

The most striking feature of the holographic mesh system is the screen size. You can also adjust the hologram size. According to the LED screen layout, the hologram image can be made much more realistic. The downside is that it’s a screen after all. No matter how impressive, the viewer understands that they are looking at a screen.

Holographic mirror technique:


If you try it at home, it will not be successful, but the holographic mirror technique is an extremely simple method. Basically on mirrors placed at right angles It occurs when a projected 2-dimensional image becomes 3-dimensional by being reflected again.

The holographic mirror technique, developed at the University of Southern California, is a simple optical illusion. a regular video, When scaling in 3D It is an effective method. Despite everything, it does not offer a realistic and high quality hologram. Its usage area is also extremely narrow.

Semi-transparent OLED displays:


The answer to the question of how hologram technology will reach the end consumer is hidden in semi-transparent OLED screens. This type of hologram is basically It is a 2D image that appears to the viewer in 3D. The good thing is that it can even be used on your home TV.

Translucent OLED displays are a rapidly evolving technology that we will see everywhere in a few years. Even if it’s not a complete hologram, it still gives the user Because it offers a 3D illusion is considered successful. The fact that these screens are semi-transparent reduces the quality as it causes the viewer to see the background as well.

Holographic pyramids:


You can try this easily at home. If you type 3D pyramid or holographic pyramid in any search engine and search You will see the products you can buy. Holographic pyramids work just like The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram. So it is a simple reflection technique.

If you buy one of these products when you open a video from your smartphone and insert it into A hologram will appear, albeit a simple one. The mirrors inside the pyramid allow you to see your 2D videos in 3D as they are placed at a 45 degree angle like The “Pepper’s Ghost” hologram technique.

Hologram creations:


Hologram creations are usually created in a laboratory environment and It is the general name of holograms using much more advanced technologies. When creating hologram creations, laser systems are used to capture and recreate visual parts. This one presents an image straight out of sci-fi movies.

In recent studies conducted at Brigham Young University in 2018, using lasers in many different colors literally created holograms. It is not known when the results of these studies, which are still in the R&D stage, will be visible to everyone, but it is certain that the developments do not look like science fiction movies.

HYPERVSN system:

HYPERVSN, hologram

HYPERVSN system, It works very differently from the hologram technologies we know. It consists of three basic components: a device that reflects the image, a software with which you can create the images you will project, and another software that you will use to manage this system.

With the HYPERVSN system, you can create real holograms with an average length of 75 cm. Because you can create the entire hologram image on a single system it is easy to use. When HYPERVSN Solo M units are synchronized with the HYPERVSN Wall, much larger and more realistic holograms can be produced.

The latest in 3D imaging technology. what is a hologram We answered the question and talked about the types of holograms. Work continues at full speed for this technology, which has not yet reached the end consumer. We hope that soon we will be able to make our video conversations with holograms.