What Habeck’s plans mean for homeowners

Dusseldorf “Habeck hammer”, “crowbar”, “make a wish ideology” – these are just a few of the reactions to the draft bill from the Ministry of Economics and Building that was made public last week.

The draft stipulates that from 2024 every newly installed heating system must be operated with at least 65 percent renewable energy. If the draft becomes law, it would “de facto mean the end for new oil and gas heating systems,” explains Handelsblatt finance editor Carsten Herz in the podcast.

Economics Minister Robert Habeck announced a social support program worth billions on Thursday, which is intended to make it easier to switch to climate-friendly heating systems. Nevertheless, many owners are concerned about the impending costs of conversions. And sellers should consider the following: “The prices for poorly renovated houses are already falling at an above-average rate,” says Herz. This trend will intensify if Habeck’s plans become reality.

Also: Handelsblatt reporter Christoph Schlautmann talks about the record result and the impending strikes at Deutsche Post.

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