What Changes Would Happen in Our Vision with a Third Eye?

What if you had three eyes instead of two, where on your body would you want this third eye to be? Between your two existing eyes, on your forehead (like in Doctor Strange), or on the back of your head (like in Harry Potter)?

Each organ of the human body has a different function, and eyes are, of course, among our indispensable parts. But one cannot help but think. If we had three eyes instead of two, wouldn’t our field of vision increase even more?

Well in such a case How would an extra eye change our lives?

In fact, some animals have the third eye that we dream of.

For example, some spiders have eight eyes, and these eyes provide them with more motion detection and depth perception provides. Some amphibians, lizards and sharks have a third eye on the top of their heads.

This third eye is called the parietal eye and is usually Because it is covered with a thin layer of skin it would probably be impossible to see it. The parietal eye, also known as the third eye or pineal eye, is actually part of the epithalamus of some animal species.

This eye is sensitive to light. It is connected to a pineal gland that regulates hormone production to regulate the biological clock and body temperature. Again, this third eye, like the other eyes, has its own lens and retina has. It also serves as a compass.

So why do we have to be content with two eyes?

Doctor Strange

Although the three eyes dream seems quite logical at first glance, it is actually quite illogical in some respects. If humans had a third eye, this eye would unfortunately be it wouldn’t be as advanced as the other two.

The eye can be considered a very cognitively tiring burden for the brain.

Adding one more eye to the human body may increase the flow of information to the brain, but the brain does not have sufficient mental resources to process this extra information. This third eye would probably only be functional for detecting light and movement.

In addition, this is a relict organ found in the brains of some reptiles. The role played by the parietal eye are functionally the same. Theoretically, a third eye could help see potential dangers. an additional line of defense But we already have an organ like the ear that does this.

If we had a third eye, there would be a big question mark where it would be located in our body.

third eye

Since the brain takes up most of the available space in the skull, making room for a third eye is removing tissue from a part of the skull requires. Since there is nothing at the level of our head that would attract our attention, it would not make sense to place this third eye at the top of the head.

When it is placed at the back of the head, there is confusion as to which side of the eye to focus on and things get complicated. The back of the head is already covered with hair. A third eye placed on the face is It will not provide a different function than the other two eyes.

doctor strange third eye

Surprisingly, about 6 years ago, a baby was born with three eyes.

Sensitive Content

In fact, calling it three-eyed is not very accurate because this baby has an inherited disorder called craniofacial duplication, in which the face appears to be duplicated on the skull. So this baby It has a second face, not a third eye.

Only a minority of babies born with this hereditary disorder manage to come to the world, and in addition, they do not have a third eye. It rarely occurs at birth.

Additionally, researchers found that this African baby’s third eye was blurred and When you blink, all three eyelids move together has detected.

In summary, although this idea seems to be functional at first, it is actually our two eyes, The viewing angle is quite sufficient.

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