What Causes Weeks of Flu and Cough?

Especially in the last few months, you have witnessed that the people around you are getting sick and their illnesses never go away. Although this disease, which we think of as “flu, it will pass”, is a kind of flu, unfortunately it does not pass. So what is the reason for this situation?

Although doctors say it’s a new flu epidemic, most of the time the flu-like illness we despise, rather stubborn than others. Because some of the patients takes 1 month even says. So why?

Simply put, what causes this situation? a new flu epidemic is thought to be. But it’s quite different from other flu epidemics. We researched the reason for this for you and asked an expert.

It’s not like the flu you know because we’re not the same as before.

Every year we grapple with different viruses. As you know, last year, since 2019, Covid-19 and variants was in our lives. If you catch Covid-19 once destructive effects on your immune system it causes. In other words, it leaves you more vulnerable to new viruses that may come from outside.

In this newly emerging flu epidemic, the effect of viruses that previously entered our body continues. a more severe course of illness we spend Moreover, the Covid-19 virus is still with us…

Let’s not forget that we are out of the pandemic process.


In the past years, we have all entered a long pandemic period due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We had curfews where we didn’t leave the house for days and weeks. After the bans are lifted, many of us still about getting out of the house, taking off our masks We had anxiety. So we were more protective against the viruses outside.

Nowadays, almost no one wears a mask and everyone walks around as they wish. When we enter a crowded environment, we experience the ‘virus fear’ less. As a result of this, in environments where many people are together, viruses that could not spread before can easily take effect.

Moreover, not only the flu virus is circulating around us.

flu viruses

RSV (syncytial respiratory virus) also spreads like Influenza A (flu). It’s contagious, just like the flu, and has almost the same symptoms. However, in recent years, it was not as common as the common cold or flu. In the last few months A drastic increase in RSV cases is happening.

When we say that we have come out of the pandemic process and the effects of overcoming Covid-19 on our body, such as RSV and Influenza A. the day was born for viruses and of course during the seasonal flu many people started to get sick.

The symptoms of RSV are very similar to the flu.

rsv influenza

The first symptoms you see in your body when you have the flu are a high fever with muscle and joint pain. However, RSV first dry cough, fever, respiratory tract disorders, runny nose shows its effect on the body. Although the symptoms of the two diseases seem similar, respiratory disorders in people infected with the RSV virus more stubborn than the flu.

We are known for his informative posts on social media, who have been researching viruses for more than 20 years. Virologist and Biotechnologist Dr. Semih TareenAccording to the information we received from; flu, RSV and Covid-19 combining viruses this new epidemic There is no conclusive evidence yet that it does. However, Tareen underlines that more than one virus can combine to form a hybrid virus. Because in the past days, we have seen that RSV and Influenza A viruses create a hybrid virus…


Influenza Virus Creates ‘Hybrid Virus’ With Another Virus: Causes A More Severe Illness

This epidemic, which affects many people around us, may be different for everyone. You may be sick with a new flu virus, a hybrid virus, or RSV. Although many diseases have common points, best diagnosis Again, your doctor will determine.

So who is in the risk group?


Normally, the flu in elderly or immunocompromised persons shows more effect. However, in some rare cases, the flu virus can affect young and healthy people in a way that affects their living standards.

Spanish flu virus known as 18-30 years old One of the best examples of this is that it has deadly effects on people. Because the Influenza virus that causes us to get sick is constantly changing. For this reason, just because you didn’t have the flu the previous year doesn’t mean you won’t have the flu this year or you’ll get over it. In other words, the risk group may also change with the virus.

Everyone who is 6 months old or older and has no allergies or discomfort should get the flu vaccine.


Dr. According to the information we have obtained from Semih Tareen, this year’s flu virus has just started to show its effect in the Northern hemisphere. For this reason, Tareen, 6 months and above, who have completed the first 3 months of their pregnancy, are not allergic to eggs and vaccine ingredients He recommends everyone get the flu vaccine.

If you have had the flu vaccine in the past years, it would be beneficial to get one again this year. Because the ever-changing Vaccines against influenza virus is renewed every year. Viruses that turned into epidemics the previous year determine the content of this year’s vaccine. That is, the vaccine; It can protect you not only against one virus, but against many similar viruses. However effect between 6-8 months in progress.

Unfortunately, we also experienced this disease…

One of the reasons for me to handle the content; I have also experienced this disease myself. In fact, unfortunately, many of our friends that we work with under the umbrella of Webtekno recently got sick in a similar way. Now, I would like to tell you a little about both my own experiences and what my teammates have told me.

The first thing I noticed in myself; a tickle in my throat with a feeling of weakness, tiredness I didn’t have the feeling. Shortly after this feeling, a cough with a slight fever started. The cough and weakness haunted me for about 3 weeks. After a while, I didn’t know if I was coughing because there was something in my throat or if I had a sore throat from coughing.

Those of our teammates who have a similar disease; At first they felt a discomfort in their throat, then they had difficulty in swallowing. transmits. They state that in the following days of their illness, inner ear pain, weakness, joint pain and various cold symptoms began to manifest themselves.

These symptoms experienced by me or our teammates may show themselves differently in you. For this reason, “It’s just the flu!” not to say, see a doctor and get your flu shot if you haven’t already. we recommend. Because the flu until March–April it seems to happen often. We are already seeing the effects on social media…

In fact, people who have a similar disease are gathered under one title in Ekşi Sözlük.




Many users on Twitter are questioning this ‘constant flu’.


persistent flu


The flu is a disease with a cure. We recommend that you get vaccinated to avoid getting the flu or relapse. So, has anyone in your neighborhood caught this flu epidemic? Do not forget to share what you come across with us in the comments section.


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