Whale, who steadily accumulated Ethereum (ETH), earned $3.8 million in three weeks! Here are his actions!

Bitcoin It triggered the rise in the market as it exceeded $ 57,000 last night after a long time. at this point BTCWhile the rise in ‘s also mobilized altcoins, the biggest altcoin Ethereum It also approached $3,300.

While ETH recorded a 6% increase in the last 24 hours, the giant Ethereum whale also got active.

L.ookonchain According to his post, the giant whale, which made successful transactions on Ethereum, bought 2,426 ETH worth $ 7.8 billion from Binance.

This whale has been buying Ethereum steadily since February 9. Since February 9, it has withdrawn 11,719 ETH worth $30.93 million from Binance at an average price of $2,639.

Additionally, the whale made 4 Ethereum transactions and two of these transactions were profitable and two were closed with losses. However, despite the whale’s two transactions closing at a loss, the total profit was 3.85 million dollars.

“Giant whale receives 2,426 ETH ($7.8 million worth) from Binance again!

The whale has withdrawn 11,719 ETH (worth $30.93 million) from Binance since February 9 at an average price of $2,639.

Whale made 4 ETH transactions, 2 of which were profitable, generating a total profit of ~$3.85 million.

In his first transaction, he bought 7,472 ETH (worth $13.86 million) at $1,855 and sold it at $1,808, losing $352,000.

In his second transaction, he bought 12,047 ETH (worth $21.3 million) at $1,768 and sold it at $1,962, making $2.33 million.

In the third transaction, he bought 12,665 ETH (valued at $25.48 million) at $2,012 and sold it at $2,267, making $3.22 million.

In his last transaction, he bought 2,220 ETH (worth $31.56 million) at $2,583 and sold it at $2,473, making a loss of $1.34 million.”

Ethereum At the time of writing, it continues to be traded at $ 3,251.

*This is not investment advice.

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