Whale Expects More in Altcoin Rising 45 Percent: Added from the Top!

A whale earned 600 thousand dollars in a short time from the altcoin he bought through 2 exchanges.

On-chain data tracking account Spot On Chain Made on March 4 in sharinga whale what he did was successful mentioned the transaction.

According to the post, whalea few hours before ascension cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini And airswap using 0.57 from dollar levels 4.71 million Phantoms (FTM) for $2.69 million he bought. Thanks to this process, the whale 22% benefited from an increase and 600 thousand dollars made a profit.

The investor, who was not satisfied with the purchase he made, made another purchase during the day today. FTM he bought. Today in total More than 700 thousand dollars FTM the whale making the purchase has a larger rising expectation It is estimated that .

According to CoinGecko data $0.507 from levels 45% with rise 0.735 rising to dollar FTM, during writing The amount decreased from $ 0.658 to $ 0.658 is being traded.

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