Website to Compare Car Sizes

One of the important considerations when buying a car is the size of the vehicles. Because in addition to many features of cars, the desired size varies from person to person. A website called “Carsized” allows you to compare the sizes of cars.

When you decide to buy a car, dozens of variables you have to get out of it. These variables get longer and longer, such as the engine size, fuel type, design, service network and interior volume of the car to be purchased, especially the price. Of course, getting out of all this and deciding which car to buy. It’s both a fun and tiring process..

Now we will tell you about a website. “carsized“, this website allows you to compare the dimensions of two cars side by side. In this way, you can see which of the two different cars is longer, higher or wider.

Let’s compare the two cars!

For the case study, we went to the site and selected two cars that were close to each other. One of them Toyota Corolla Hatchback, the other was the Seat Leon. Carsized gave us a summary after making the comparison: The Toyota Corolla Hatchback is 1.1 cm longer and 2.1 cm lower than the Seat Leon. The vehicle offers 22 percent smaller luggage space. Let’s get into some details.

car size comparison site

On the comparison page, the two cars we selected factory data We see. Here, all dimension values ​​are given in detail. We also see how many liters the luggage volume is. If you want results centimeterYou can display it in inches if you want.

car sized car comparison

When you decide to compare two cars, look at the front, side and rear of these cars. how they look You can also view side-by-side images. When you look at the front and back, you can see the width values, and when you look from the side, you can see the length values. You can also compare the design of both cars, which car it’s more stylish You can decide.

by car

One of the important features of Carsized is similar tools being able to show you. In this way, you can consider a different model that comes to your mind. Moreover, the system works quite well. In comparison to the Toyota Corolla Hatchback and Seat Leon, the Skoda Scala, Ford Focus Hatchback and we saw similar models in the same segment, such as the Honda Civic Hatchback.

So how will you use this website?

  • Step #1: here to carsized using the link contact.
  • Step #2:Change 1” and “Change 2Select the cars to compare using the ” options.
  • Step #3: Benchmark results review. (Carsized does not offer Turkish language support. You can use the translation feature of the browser you are using.)

You may not be thinking of buying a brand new car.. At this point, let’s say that you can get help from Carsized. That is, when you click on Change 1 and Change 2, you first see the ranking of the brands. That page looks like this:

brand selection

After determining the brand from this page, you can choose the best of the models. their general names you are viewing. For example Toyota Corolla. This vehicle has both sedan, station wagon and hatchback versions. After selecting the model version to compare you need to choose.

Corolla sedan comparison

As you can see in the screenshot above, even after selecting the Corolla Sedan you see the years of production. Whichever model vehicle you intend to buy, you can choose the version in which that model range is entered.

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