We toured the factory working with 5G!

Established by the Turkish Metal Industrialists’ Union (MESS) with the aim of leading the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and strengthening Turkey in global competition; While experiencing the autonomous processes powered by Turkey’s first 5G Customized Mobile Network (MPN) at MEXT, the world’s most comprehensive digital transformation and competence development center, solutions that will digitize your business end-to-end are also available here. We toured the factory working with 5G!

We toured the factory working with 5G!


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A new era has begun for the digital future of production, with guaranteed bandwidth, low latency and fast data flow with the 5G Customized Mobile Network (MPN), which was installed in the Digital Factory in the area.

From IoT to Cloud, from Enterprise applications to next generation solutions, technologies that will transform your business are experienced. At the Assembly Preparation Station in the field, the components to be assembled with the low latency and uninterrupted connection provided by 5G are prepared accurately and quickly with robotic automation and image processing technologies. High-resolution images recorded with cameras are processed in real time by artificial intelligence, thereby maximizing efficiency.

Autonomous smart vehicles (AIVs) that take part in intralogistics processes with the Customized Wireless Network gain new functions in quality control and product traceability with high-speed mobile communication and edge computing technologies, thus enabling synchronous operations with ease.

Occupational Safety violations are detected in real time and these violations are reported to the OHS management system by using the existing security cameras with the Customized Wireless Network.

Within the MEXT Technology Center, where SPOT, Bostan Dynamics’ Agile Mobile Robot is also located, the data collected from the sensors and cameras that enable it to sense the environment in order to perform the tasks assigned to it autonomously are transmitted uninterruptedly with 5G MPN technology and processed in real time.

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