We Renovated Eye Bleeding Statues in Turkey with Artificial Intelligence

You must have seen some of the funny city sculptures that are on the agenda from time to time on social media. Let’s give these tasteless designs an artistic twist!

While these statues were being designed and erected, no one “Wait, what are you doing!” He must not have said that today we are alone with so many strange-looking city sculptures.

We looked at these sculptures with the theme of “We are laughing, we are going to cry”, which are still being made, then let’s take a hand in this work and using the artificial intelligence model Midjourney We thought we’d make it more artistic. Seeing the resulting designs, “I wish it were real!” you will say.

Nasreddin Hodja is a rather unfortunate character in sculpture. This giant statue in Izmir is just one of them.

When we added hyperrealism from his clothes to his beard, he got an appearance that we can’t get enough of.

Nasreddin Hodja statue

The three crocodile statues staring at the soccer ball are not real, can’t give it to you! Meanwhile in Bursa:

crocodile statue

When we turned the statue into Baroque style, it turned into a piece of art to be photographed in front of it.

crocodile statue

Do you think our artificial intelligence has had a hard time interpreting the famous watermelon boy sculpture, which is at the peak of absurdity?

watermelon boy statue

And here is the watermelon boy sculpture that seems to bear the signature of Renaissance artists.

city ​​statues

What would it look like if we redesigned the 27-meter rooster sculpture with Baroque architecture overlooking the Denizli landscape?

rooster statue

In order to deserve such an ostentatious statue, Denizli must first look like the city in the back.

rooster statue

Even with play dough, we could do better: This 4-meter-high statue represents the Van Lake Monster.

lake van monster

However, in order to be a monster worthy of legend, it must look exactly as majestic as here.

monster statue

Kizilcahamam, the land of Bazlama… Why is there such a statue?

funny statues

The new sculpture that has emerged is beautiful, but is it worth it for a bazlama? Your comment is…


The standard dialogue at the time of all bad sculpture ideas should be: -What are we famous for? +Our fish -Then let’s make a lousy pearl mullet statue.

fish statue

Sea gods came near the fish statues in Van.


It is clear that a creative touch is needed on this statue, which was made to represent the struggle of healthcare workers against the pandemic.


A statue with the same elegance would suit Denizli, which hosts such a wonderful ancient city as Hierapolis.


Because of such sculptures, the bones of our masters like Mimar Sinan ache.

melon statue

We added aesthetics to the work and a sculpture appeared that looked like it was made by Michelangelo.


Turns out there was a black Pac-Man statue in Marmaris.

pearl statue

Shouldn’t the statue of the Marmaris pearl be as beautiful as a pearl?

pearl statue

Our mermaid sitting as if she was taken as a forced guest.

mermaid statue

Such a charming mermaid suits Mersin.


Ankara’s famous inflatable gorilla may not be a statue, but it deserves to be on the list.

dinocan statue

If he had a “King Kong”-like charisma, he would have been world famous.

gorilla statue

We and artificial intelligence struggled to commemorate İnegöl meatballs, but we did not give up.

meatball statue

Similar to IKEA meatballs but at least more artistic. The presentation of the meatballs is also important, after all.


Such is the bread that Saruman is.

bread statue

Although our bread is round now, it looks more like Saruman, at least.

bread statue

An update was needed for these dolphins, which had been superimposed in İzmir Karşıyaka.

dolphin statue

Even a simple touch made a difference. Like the fountains in Rome…

dolphin statue

If Nasreddin Hodja saw this, he would not have the morale to write a new joke.

donkey statue

Our artificial intelligence model could not comprehend this absurdity and could not put our teacher upside down.

teacher statue

Boxer statue, but better than Recep İvedik…

evil statues

We made an artistic touch and when it came out of the ground after thousands of years, a sculpture emerged that would be appreciated.


And bonus: Shall we add a little more charisma to the dinosaurs in Ankapark?

meh dinosaur

If that were the case, he would have deserved the money spent.

Dinosaur Melih Gokcek

Part 2 is coming soon… You can specify your suggestions in the comments.

Note: We were meticulous to get what we wanted from the artificial intelligence model. Be sure, even those who designed these sculptures may not have spent half of our effort to get these images. We hope that our municipalities will take inspiration from these designs and build more artistic sculptures.


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