Voscreen Copied and Released in Store in China

Turkish-made Voscreen, which makes learning English very practical and is already progressing very successfully, was copied in China and published on the App Store. There is even a profit on it.

Founded by Deniz Dundar VoscreenAt its core, it is an app that aims to make learning English fun and practical. In doing so, one of the users does not charge fees The fact that it was such a functional application was taking it to a higher level in the eyes of users.

But recently the company has become quite unfortunate events lived. According to its founder, Deniz Dundar, a Chinese company, seeing the rapid development of the company in the Chinese market, decided to use Voscreen without the hassle of changing the name or even the logo. copied it exactly. As if that weren’t enough, the revenue generation of the stolen idea took the unpleasantness one level further.

The flow of events told by Deniz Dündar is as follows:

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