Virologist Hendrik Streeck: “2G restriction for children is unworldly!” – Domestic politics

Top virologist Hendrik Streeck (44, Bonn University Hospital) uses the 2G rule!

Streeck rejects the plan of the Berlin state government not to let even unvaccinated children in restaurants, cafes and cinemas.

Streeck is very critical of the fact that unvaccinated citizens are no longer allowed to go to restaurants, cafés and cinemas even with a negative test.

“A 2G restriction for children and young people is unworldly,” said Streeck to BILD. There is no approved vaccine for children under 12 years. In addition, “an indirect vaccination pressure on parents and children is not advisable, since the advantages of vaccination in this age group are small according to the current scientific knowledge”.

Streeck also sees 2G rules for adults with great skepticism. The virologist told BILD that the vaccination had to be “understood as self-protection”. Therefore you have to “look at 2G critically”.

Because infections would also occur in vaccinated persons, even if these were “mostly mild or asymptomatic”. “How often this happens and whether and how often vaccinated people can pass the virus on, the studies are divided.” Therefore, the vaccination, which “provides excellent protection against a severe course”, “should be understood as self-protection”.

In the future, operators will be able to decide for themselves whether they will allow access to interior spaces like those who have previously been vaccinated, recovered and tested (3G) or, for example, by eliminating the mask requirement and with more participants only vaccinated and tested people (2G). Children, most of whom have not yet been vaccinated, would then be left out.