VfB Stuttgart: CEO Thomas Hitzlsperger puts an end to the Bundesliga

This news shocked VfB!

Thomas Hitzlsperger (39) will not extend his contract as CEO of the Stuttgart company. This will run until October 2022, after which it should be over. At latest!

Hitzlspereger: “I would like to draw a line after six years. It was a very intense time. This time comes to an end here for no single reason. The decision has matured in the last few weeks. I also spoke a lot with people around me. “

Hitzlsperger came to VfB in 2016, supposed to be an interface between professionals and club management. In 2017 he was accepted into the Presidium and elected to the Board in 2019. Since the end of 2019 he has been CEO of the professional department.

Last year there was a big bang with President Claus Vogt (52). Hitzlsperger wanted to push Vogt out of office, but later withdrew his opposition candidate for president. However, Hitzlsperger does not want to see the dispute with Vogt as the reason for his decision.

Hitzlsperger: “The personal relationship – I would like to avoid bringing that into the foreground.” And further: “There is not one reason that was decisive for the decision.”

How’s the heat going on now?

He himself wants to fulfill his contract and promises: “I will be available until the last day of my contract. If the board of directors so wishes, I will do my job. There is no escape reflex: I have to get out of here immediately. “

It remains to be seen whether the supervisory board will actually have the patience to keep its board boss in the boat despite the decision to split up. Hitzlsperger said yesterday: “You clearly expressed your wish to me that you would like that.”

The ex-national player has already announced that he would like to continue working in football after his time at VfB. The fact that he takes on a job at the DFB, where, for example, a new president is being sought, is currently not an issue: “For my part, there are no such ambitions.”