US Senator Thinks Binance Is ‘Malicious’ In FTX Process

US Senator Ted Cruz stated that he doubted Binance’s goodwill in the failed acquisition deal between Binance and FTX.

Senator speaking to The Block Ted CruzBinance’s bid to buy FTX is malicious and this situation worrying claimed it was. He stated that the proposal and the process should be examined with the utmost care.

It’s pretty hard to have Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of the bankrupt FTX, to account before the Senate Judiciary Committee. significant Stating that there will be in FTX bankruptcy He underlined that Binance’s role is also being examined. Senator, the first reports are financial. in tremendous evil a management and potentially fraudulent. He also stated that investors are facing billions of dollars in losses. Senator, to file a criminal complaint. too early However, if there is a deliberate situation in what happened, this situation of the results and your responsibilities said it would.

Bitcoin mining activities in Texas useful for energy companies Reiterating his statements that he is an actor, Cruz reiterated that it is very important that mining can be increased or decreased in line with the electricity need.

The senator, on the other hand, showed a moderate approach to regulations. He said there’s a risk that regulators taking an unduly strict stance could destroy a trillion-dollar industry.

In the regulation studies of the events in FTX potential effects Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew yang With a similar statement to Senator Cruz, he said that what happened in FTX whets the appetite for regulation, but the USA innovation slot He underlined that the regulations should be prepared carefully in order to continue to keep the regulations.

Ted Cruz, Senator known for his anti-crypto policies in the past Elizabeth Warren He was heavily criticised.

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